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We are constantly working on improving our site to make it as easy for you as possible. This includes frequently updating our FAQ. If there is any problem you have which is not in the FAQ but you feel it should be there, please let us know at feedback@telecompaper.com. Any other input is also greatly appreciated.






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What is Telecompaper?
Telecompaper is a well respected, independent research and publishing company focused on the telecommunications industry. Telecompaper employs 15 staff at its headquarters in Houten, the Netherlands, and also employs correspondents in various countries who track their local telecom market. Telecompaper provides international customers with research and advisory services, breaking news, digests, expert analyses, company profiles and research reports. For extended information, please visit the about page.

What products do you offer?
Telecompaper offers a broad portfolio of telecom news and research products. For extended information on our products and subscriptions, please visit the appropriate page or find the related FAQ entry.

How extensive is your news and archive?
Telecompaper is a vast source for telecom news and research and therefore is a very good source for any researcher or telecom enthusiast. Our online news archive goes back to 2000 and has over 780,000 items. Our research archive goes back to 2002 and has over 1160 items. Our personal, offline news archive for research goes back to 1993.

Do you also offer…
If it is telecom news or research you are looking for, the answer will most likely be yes. For more information on any (possible) product, please contact sales@telecompaper.com.

Who do I contact when I have a question / feedback about…
We very much welcome questions and/or feedback. You can easily contact us through the contact form on the website for any sort of question. You can also find our contact information on the contact page. If you would rather send us an e-mail, you can use the following e-mail addresses:

Is Telecompaper.com free?
Some parts of the Telecompaper website are free, some parts are limited and some parts are exclusively for subscribers. News items are free to read, but unregistered users can only read up to 3 items per month. If you decide to register a free account with Telecompaper, you can read up to 10 items per month and more importantly: you can get additional benefits like receiving the daily Headlines. For our paid subscriptions there are of course even more benefits: much more news for you to read and essential functionality for Telecom professionals.

Where can I register?
You can register by selecting your subscription of choice here.

What subscriptions do you offer?
We offer subscriptions in four flavours: one free subscription, and three paid subscriptions (light, plus and premium). More information on the benefits per subscriptions, and the possibility to subscribe is available on the subscriptions page.

What are the benefits to paid subscriptions?
Depending on the subscription, benefits include: access to parts of our extensive archive and access to our essential research tools: our alerts system, Telecompaper feeds and customised newsletters. For more information on any of these products, please visit the subscriptions page.

I am representing a company or group of people and am interested in a multiple license subscription, who do I contact?
Thank you for your interest. We would like to give you tailored advise and therefore would like additional information from you:

  • How many users would the license require?
  • What product or products are you interested in?

You can direct your e-mail to sales@telecompaper.com. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



What is the difference between news, market commentaries and background stories?

  • News items are articles in which Telecompaper objectively reports news about the telecom market, or are concerning telecom related companies. Telecompaper with her rapid, professional and neutral coverage of news is the prime source for everyone who is professionally involved with telecommunications.
  • Market commentaries are opinionated articles in which Telecompaper gives her view on current events.
  • Background stories are articles based on unique information (e.g. research result and interviews) in which Telecompaper highlights certain aspects, trends or events in the telecom sector.

I want to read an article but I can not access it, what do I do?
You are most likely trying to access an article outside of your subscription.

  • If you are on a free subscription there is a limit to the number of articles you can read and you might want to consider upgrading to a better subscription.
  • If you are on a paid subscription, the article you are trying to read is outside of your archive range and you might want to upgrade to a better subscription as well.

If you feel that you should not be getting the error message, please contact sales@telecompaper.com and try to describe to problem you are experiencing as detailed as you can.


What is the Telecompaper Consumer Panel?
Using our Consumer Panel we interview at least 2000 respondents per month about a variety of telecom related topics.
What questions do you ask in your Consumer Panel?
Every month we ask about a hundred questions about mobile phoning, broadband, fixed telephony, broadcasting, mobile internet and other telecom related topics. The questions include (but are not limited to) subjects such as provider, churn behaviour, spendings, places of purchase and reasons for buying.

I am interested in getting research from your Consumer Panel, who do I contact?

Please let us know what you are interested in by mailing to sales@telecompaper.com and we will see if we have that data available.
What does it cost to get data from the Consumer Panel?
The costs of getting data from the Consumer Panel are approximately EUR 400 per question, but are depending of what you need (for example: the time range and the question base). If you are interested, please contact sales@telecompaper.com for further details. Periodically Telecompaper also publishes selections of data in charts, which are available for EUR 295.

What is the Media Expenditure research?

By monitoring all the marketing activities of telecom providers, retailers, equipment makers, content providers, Telecompaper is able to determine media expenditure of these parties giving us detailed information of developments in the Dutch telecom market. The monitored activities include television- and radio commercials, advertisement in newspapers and magazines and outdoor and internet marketing. Our spending reports give you a unique insight in the above-the-line marketing activities of Dutch telecom companies. If you want to know the effect of your marketing spending in a rapidly changing, hectic market, Telecompaper's spending reports provide you with up-to-date market insight. For more information, please visit the Media Expenditure page.

What do your cover in your reports?

Our research reports can be about anything. They are either based on research done by one of our researchers, or by data our researchers have gathered from our consumer panel. For examples of research reports, please visit the research reports overview.

What do you cover in your quarterly Dutch reports?

Dutch quarterly reports are reports based on events or trends in the passed quarters. These reports can be based on findings of one of our researchers, or by data our researchers have gathered from our consumer panel. For examples of research reports, please visit the quarterly Dutch reports overview.

What do you cover in your company profiles research?

Company profile reports are extensive descriptions of Dutch and Belgian telecom related companies. For the list of companies and a good description on what we have covered per company, please visit the company profiles overview.

What do you cover in your charts?

Research charts are graphical and easy to comprehend reports about anything that is "hot" on the Dutch telecom market. These charts are based on gatherings from our consumer panel. For an overview of our research charts, please visit the chart overview.

What do you cover in your research briefs?

Our research brief are detailed reports on "hot" items on the Dutch telecom market. These reports are backed up by numbers gathered by our research team. For an overview of our research briefs, please visit our research brief overview.

What regions do you cover for your research?

Our prime focus is the Dutch telecom market, but we also have specific reports for Belgium, Germany, Europe and Worldwide. For examples of regional reports, please visit the region overview.


Site functionality

How does the search function work?
The search bar in the top right corner will by default search only the section of the site you are on. So, if you are in the "Research" section and search for "MVNO" you will only get research related to "MVNO". If you instead want to search the entire site for "MVNO", simply press "site" link below the bar.
In case you decide to use our advanced search, you will be presented with additional options. Here you can filter on specific date ranges, topics, editions, languages or search on company name tags.

What are "Alerts" and where can I set them?

The alerts system is an automatic notification system, which will send you a message (through RSS or e-mail) as soon as one of your given keywords gets mentioned on our site. You can choose to set delivery on a weekly, daily or as-it-happens base and you can select a specific sort of content to filter (news, commentary, background, research). Free of charge subscribers are limited to only receiving the link to the articles, paying subscribers can receive the entire article if desired.

What are "Customised Newsletters" and where can I set them?
Customised Newsletters (or: custom feed) are a more broad version of our alerts system. Customised Newsletters are suitable for receiving updates on regions, editions (broadcast, fixed, etc.) and topics (market, products, services, etc.). This functionality is only available for our paid subscriptions: Light and Plus subscribers can set creone newsletter, Premium subscribers can set two.

What are "Telecompaper Newsletters" and where can I set them?
Telecompaper Newsletters are pre-set newsletters by Telecompaper and cover a variety of useful topics. More details on what is covered in these newsletters can be found on the subscriptions page. The Telecompaper Newsletters can only be set by our Plus (one newsletter) and Premium (two newsletters) subscribers.

Why can I (only) select 0, 1 or 2 newsletters?

There is a limitation, different for every subscription. Please refer to the subscriptions page for a detailed list on what is offered per subscription.

Do you offer (RSS) feeds?
Yes. We offer RSS and OPML feeds. You can find the feeds on the syndication page.

I have subscribed to a feed/alert/newsletter but I am not receiving anything, what do I do?

First, please double check that you are really subscribed. You can find the different feeds on the appropriate tab in the user control panel. Then, please make sure your e-mail address is set correctly on your profile page. Also, please note that not all feeds are daily (the frequency of the feeds can be found on the subscriptions page). If you are now sure that you should receive the feed but you are still not receiving anything, please contact sales@telecompaper.com.



What are "Headlines"?
"Headlines" are a selection of the most important news of the last 24 hours, thus are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest telecom news. This selection is being mailed to all subscriber once per day. If you too would like to receive the headlines: you can subscribe on our frontpage.

How do I (un)subscribe from the daily Headlines?

We have a special page located here where you can both subscribe and unsubscribe from our Headlines. Additionally, if you have an account registered with Telecompaper.com you can unsubscribe in the user control panel.

How do I change the email address the Headlines are sent to?

In case you do not have an account with Telecompaper, you can unsubscribe your current address and subscribe with a new account here. In case you do have an account with Telecompaper, you can change your e-mail address from the my profile page.

I unsubscribed, but still receive the Headlines. How come?

Please try to unsubscribe again on this page or if you have an account with Telecompaper, disable the feed in the user control panel. In case it still does not work out as it should, please contact us.

I did not unsubscribe, but no longer receive the Headlines. How come?

In case you have an account with Telecompaper, please make sure that the feed is enabled in the user control panel. If you do not have an account or are not sure, please re-subscribe on this page.

Can I put the Headlines on hold temporarily?

Yes, it is possible to temporarily put the Headlines on hold. In case you have an account with Telecompaper, you can choose to disable to the Headlines feed in the user control panel, where you can also reactivate it later. If you do not have an account with Telecompaper or are not sure, you can unsubscribe and later re-subscribe on this page.

I have subscribed to Headlines but I am not receiving anything, what should I do now?

In case you have an account with Telecompaper, please make sure that the feed is enabled in the user control panel. If you do not have an account or are not sure, please re-subscribe on this page.


Access Problems

I cannot log in with my Username and Password
To find out what is going wrong, we must first identify what the problem is.

  • Make sure that you are not accidentally logged in already. You can verify this by looking in the top right of your screen. If you are logged in, the website will say: "Logged in as {Your Name}". If you are not, the page will say: "You are not logged in".
  • Try to log in. You can do this by clicking "log in" on the top right of your screen, or by clicking this link.
    • If this log-in is a success, you will now return to the page you came from (or to the front page) and on the top right of the screen the website will say "Logged in as {Your Name}".
    • If the log-in failed, the page header will return "Login Failed" and you will find the line "Sorry, you have entered an invalid e-mail and password combination.". If this is the case, please find the FAQ entry below: "Sorry, you have entered an invalid e-mail and password combination"

"Sorry, you have entered an invalid e-mail and password combination"
This message can have several causes. We will try to identify your problem.

  • Are you sure the e-mail address you are trying to log in with exists in our system? You can verify this by trying to register with your e-mail address on this page. When your address is already in our system, the page will return the message: "Your e-mail address: your@emailaddress.com already exists in our system"
  • When you are sure the e-mail address is correct, please confirm whether the password used is correct.
    • Passwords are case sensitive (e.g. the password "telecom" is not the same as "Telecom")
    • Are you sure you are not mixing up characters? An example might be mixing up the "O" with "0" (naught).
    • In case you are pasting in your password from an e-mail or document: are you sure you are not copying in any spaces in front or behind the password?
    • Sometimes your browser will automatically fill in your password for you after entering your username. Are you sure your password has not changed, or that you have accidentally changed the stored password?
    • If you are no longer sure of your password and want to reset it, please find the FAQ entry below: "I have forgotten my password and want to reset it"
  • When you are sure the password and username are correct and you still cannot log in, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, please find the FAQ entry: "How do I enable cookies for my browser?"

I have forgotten my password and want to reset it
We are saving your password with an encryption, so we cannot find your password for you. When you are sure your e-mail address is correct, you can try resetting your password on this page.

I am logged in, but want to change my password
You can do so on the "My Account" section on our website, or by following this link.

I want to change my email-address
You can change your email address  on the "My Account / Profile" section on our website, or by following this link.

How do I enable cookies for my browser, or make sure they are enabled?
This one is different per browser. We will cover some of the most used browsers:

  • Firefox
    • Open your browser
    • In the menu-bar, expand "Tools", then click "Options"
    • Select the tab "privacy"
    • In case you have selected "Use custom settings for history" make sure that "Accept cookies from sites" is enabled
  • Safari
    • Open your browser
    • Hold down the ctrl (PC) or cmd (Mac) key and press the "," (comma) button to open the browser preferences
    • Open the tab "Security"
    • Make sure "Accept cookies" is set to either "Always" or "Only from sites I visit"
  • Google Chrome
    • Open your browser
    • Press the three dot menu button in the top right corner of the browser, then click "Settings"
    • Click "Privacy and security", press the "Cookies and other site data" link
    • Check the per site settings.
  • Opera
    • Open your browser
    • Open the "Menu" button in the top left of your browser
    • Under "Settings" select "Preferences"
    • Open the tab "Advanced"
    • Under "Cookies", make sure the selection is set to "Accept cookies" or "Accept cookies only from the site I visit"


Orders and payments

I am trying to buy something from your website by credit card but it does not work, what do I do?
What likely happened is that there is a problem with your credit card. Please check the validity of your credit card. Is the payment perhaps refused due to credibility? If everything seems like it should work, please contact your bank.

Can I pay with iDeal instead?
Absolutely. The easiest way is to place your order again and then selecting PayPal as your payment option.

I do not have or cannot pay with either iDeal or my credit card. Can I make my purchase using a bank transfer?
Yes, this is not a problem. Please contact sales@telecompaper.com for the details.

I have a question about an invoice, who do I contact?

Please contact sales@telecompaper.com.

I am considering buying something from your website. When will I receive it?
If you pay online, you will receive your order after your payment has been successfully verified (e.g. an e-mail with your username and password to access the website, and or requested publications) within a few minutes. If you have requested an invoice, the order will be sent to you within 48 hours (at workdays).

I have ordered something. What is the status of my order?
You can find the status of your order on the my orders page.

How does your online payment system work? Is it safe?
Our orders are handled by Adyen. For your online payment you are transferred to an https (secure) connection of Adyen. Since your payment is made to Adyen, that name may appear on your bank or credit card statement. Telecompaper has no access to the data you submit on the Adyen payment server. Adyen will notify Telecompaper that the payment has been successful.

Am I obliged to pay 21% VAT (BTW) over my order?
Only Dutch clients have to pay 21% VAT (BTW). Orders from other countries are free of VAT, as long as the VAT number is provided with the order. If a VAT number is not included with the order, the 21% VAT will be added automatically.

Privacy and copyright

Where can I find Telecompaper's terms and conditions?
Our terms and conditions are located here in English, and here in Dutch.

Are you using my e-mail address or other private information for commercial purposes?
No. Your information is asked only for use within Telecompaper and there are no third parties involved, nor will there ever be. The "Receive offers from Telecompaper" button on the my profile page is also used only for offers from Telecompaper.

Is it okay to copy your contents for my own website?
All copyrights and any other intellectual or industrial property rights, along with similar rights, including neighbouring rights, database rights and rights for the protection of know-how and confidential company information, with regard to products and services delivered by Telecompaper to the customer, shall accrue exclusively to Telecompaper. For more informatie, see article 13 in our terms and conditions.

It is however okay to use small portions of our contents, as long as you after publishing send a notification to sales@telecompaper.com and in your article you link to the source on the Telecompaper website.

Press releases and public relations

I want you to publish my press release. Where do I send it to?
You can send your press releases to newsdesk@telecompaper.com. Please read our guidelines for submission first.

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