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Tuesday 12 December 2017 | 13:06 CET | Background

Mobile data company Mondicon provides professional solutions to businesses in need of fast and reliable internet access in challenging places. Based in the Netherlands but active worldwide, the company claims a market-leading position in providing mobile data connectivity to the European river cruise industry. Mondicon is looking for new markets to continue its initial successful growth. 

While the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a range of advanced applications, a stable, secure and affordable mobile connection is still a basic requirement for every company and organisation. Mondicon focuses on the enterprise connectivity market and works through resellers. 

Four years ago Mondicon started a pilot project to provide data connectivity to a cruise ship. It went in search of a simple and affordable solution, in an attempt to overcome the complex international sailing routes. Mondicon delivered multiple operator profiles on a single Sim card, with a single contract. "This had an immediate impact on the river cruise market and we grew quickly in this industry," according to Jurgen ter Hoeve, CCO of Mondicon. "Customers on board a cruise shop want the same internet experience as they have at home and won't settle for less. This offered us opportunities."

Previously ships had to deal with integrating a number of local subscriptions and different networks in their routers. This led to high costs, especially for international routes, and cruise operators needed several people to manage the services and administration. To overcome these problems, Mondicon went in search of roaming partners with the best possible coverage and redundancy, bundled these in a portal and offered this all on its own Sim cards, Ter Hoeve said. 

Non-steering service

One of the unique selling points of Mondicon's service is that its Sim card is non-steering. In practice this means that the Sim card always searches for the best available network, rather than just relying on a partner network, as MNOs often do. This ensures optimal service to the customer all the time, said CTO Joachim de Wild. If the network falls back to 2G/Edge, the service switches to a better network and drops the slower connection. 

At the end of this year, Mondicon plans to sit down with its customers, providers and MNO partners to set the terms for the new cruise season. The company will commit to several suppliers, in order to guarantee continuity of service for customers, De Wild said.

Broader, more diverse

Mondicon finances its business from its own resources and is financially healthy, it said. At the moment, the company's mainly looking to work with customers on developing the right products for the market. To help raise its profile, Mondicon recently hired Robert Pronk as Marketing Manager, who brings 10 years of experience in marketing in the ICT sector to the company. He started his career at ICT services provider Comparex and most recently worked in marketing at Microsoft specialist Hands on. 

Mondicon's customer base is becoming increasingly diverse. This year the company expanded into the broadcast market with the takeover of mobile data provider Connected IP. This allows Mondicon to provide mobile data connectivity to a number of European broadcast players, such as Sky Sports. Using Mondicon Sim cards, the TV networks conduct live reports of major news and sports events such as World Cup football, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. 

IoT can't be done alone

The Internet of Things is not being neglected either, and Mondicon recently presented its own CheerIoT platform. The aim is to provide an accessible and affordable platform for IoT connectivity. The cloud platform allows customers to monitor and manage their Sim cards in real time. "CheerIoT came about from the complexity of the M2M market. In IoT you can't keep your cards close - you have to cooperate in order to succeed in the ecosystem," De Wild said. "Mobile providers want to do everything themselves in order to create lock-in." 

"We don't have any lock-in, and that's something we see as an advantage both for us and the customer. Mondicon works purely on the basis of connectivity and in the coming years we expect to grow into a leading partner for IoT connectivity," said the CTO.

Cloud-sim We.Stream

In addition to its connectivity offers, Mondicon will launch at CES in Las Vegas in January its new product We.Stream. We.Stream is a secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with built-in Cloud Sim technology. It comes with a year's supply of unlimited internet in more than 100 countries, including China, the US, Australia and Europe. We.Stream supports travelling across multiple continents with secure internet access and offers significant savings on mobile data roaming costs. 

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