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FTC vs Facebook: WhatsApp or Instragram sale difficult to realise and not likely effective

Published 15 Dec 2020 14:36 CET | United States, World

The FTC is suing Facebook for 'illegal monopolisation'. We look here at the arguments on both sides and conclude that the proposed remedy of forcing Facebook to sell ...

AT&T/Time Warner merger: pros and cons still unclear

Published 18 Jun 2018 11:45 CET | United States

AT&T has won the lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice against its takeover of Time Warner, allowing the US operator to complete the deal without conditions. The ...

US mobile operators race for first with 5G as fixed alternative

Published 02 Mar 2018 12:20 CET | United States

The latest edition of Mobile World Congress shows that 5G is well on the way to becoming a reality, with the first services expected before year-end. While it appears the US ...

Altice needs a long-term strategy

Published 22 Nov 2017 11:45 CET | France, Portugal, United States

"Altice seeks to reassure investors, plans disposal of non-core assets", according to recent news. The headline begs some questions: what went wrong, why are investors ...

Comcast and Sunrun: a smart partnership for home solar panels

Published 29 Aug 2017 13:59 CET | United States

Comcast has announced a partnership with the solar energy group Sunrun. This sounds like a promising new venture, putting customers first and bringing benefits to both ...

Is Google Fiber waiting for 5G?

Published 08 Nov 2016 12:35 CET | United States, World

Supporters of copper or fibre are unlikely to come to any consensus soon. While the former announce new advances in G.fast and vectoring, the latter continue to push ahead ...

AT&T and Time Warner: not a trend to follow

Published 25 Oct 2016 16:41 CET | Latin America, United States, World

AT&T's proposed takeover of Time Warner raises two big questions: will the deal obtain regulatory approval and why do they want to merge? While regulators are likely to clear ...

Verizon PopData: time-based mobile data for just a few cents per GB

Published 25 Oct 2016 14:40 CET | United States

Verizon has introduced a new offer called PopData: paying for a short period of intensive LTE use at low nominal rates (USD 2 for 30 minutes, USD 3 for an hour). While the ...

AT&T takeover of DirecTV: a defensive move via horizontal integration

Published 20 May 2014 13:17 CET | Latin America, United States

AT&T and DirecTV have reached agreement on a merger. AT&T is offering USD 67.1 billion in cash and shares as well as taking over USD 18.6 billion in debt from DirecTV. This ...

Google enters connected home market with Nest Labs takeover

Published 15 Jan 2014 14:05 CET | United States, World

Google has acquired the company Nest Labs for USD 3.2 billion. Nest Labs makes two connected devices, a thermostaat (USD 250) and a smoke alarm (USD 130), both of which can ...

Vodafone exits US - what will it buy now?

Published 03 Sep 2013 12:46 CET | United States, World

Vodafone has agreed to allow Verizon to buy out its 45 percent stake in their joint venture Verizon Wireless, for USD 130 billion. As part of the deal, Vodafone will also ...

AT&T has little reason to expand to Europe

Published 16 Jul 2013 11:35 CET | Europe, United States

AT&T is in search of takeovers in Europe, according to recent media reports. Possible candidates could include EE, the UK joint venture of Orange and Deutsche Telekom, or ...

T-Mobile USA sets its own course as 'un-carrier'

Published 27 Mar 2013 15:28 CET | Europe, Netherlands, United States

T-Mobile USA has made a big step forward in its strategy. After its proposed merger with AT&T was blocked by regulators, the mobile operator is moving ahead with its own ...

Intel faces tough task bringing new name to OTT market

Published 18 Feb 2013 14:35 CET | United States, World

Intel plans to launch this year its own set-top box and streaming video service, aimed at the consumer market. One can assume this will first target the US market. Erik ...

Apple vs Samsung opens doors for Microsoft

Published 27 Aug 2012 14:37 CET | United States, World

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs would surely have been pleased with the American court ruling that Samsung infringed Apple's patents. However, there may be someone even ...

Google Fiber enters new phase with promising offers

Published 31 Jul 2012 12:20 CET | United States

Google has started a new phase of its Google Fiber project. The subscription period has opened, and on 10 September the company will announce which areas ('Fiberhoods') in ...

Facebook: from hype to hysteria to realism

Published 25 May 2012 13:20 CET | United States

Facebook has gone from hype to hysteria in barely two weeks. The biggest IPO of a technology company ever - with proceeds of USD 16 billion - ended in disappointment and in ...

FreedomPop: Wimax, wholesale and freemium takes on the DSL/cable market

Published 03 Apr 2012 17:48 CET | United States

One of the co-founders of Skype, Niklas Zennstrom, has launched a new company that looks to turn the US telecom sector on its head. FreedomPop is a MVNO on the Clearwire ...

Nothing to be said against Comcast's 'fast lane' for own services

Published 28 Mar 2012 17:39 CET | United States

The US' biggest cable operator Comcast is launching a new TV app for the Xbox gaming console from Microsoft. The app is already in testing, and Comcast announced that ...

AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Deutsche Telekom back where they started

Published 20 Dec 2011 14:50 CET | United States, World

AT&T has withdrawn its bid for T-Mobile USA, following opposition from the Department of Justice and FCC. The company was apparently unable to save the bid by selling off ...

US cable operators partner incumbent to target mobile market

Published 05 Dec 2011 16:00 CET | United States, World

Verizon Wireless is buying the unused radio spectrum of three cable companies in the US: Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. They bought the spectrum in ...

DoJ forces Deutsche Telekom to find new solution for T-Mobile USA

Published 01 Sep 2011 13:31 CET | Europe, United States

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has moved to block the sale of T-Mobile USA by Deutsche Telekom to AT&T. The move was justified by the DoJ's expectation that the merger of ...

Gig.U: pro-actively promoting next-generation networks

Published 29 Aug 2011 15:10 CET | United States

A group of 29 American universities has formed an alliance to stimulate the roll-out of gigabit fibre-optic networks on campuses and in nearby residential areas. The Gig.U ...

Time Warner Cable targets not only triple-play, but also single-play

Published 15 Jun 2011 09:27 CET | United States

According to the Wall Street Journal, Time Warner Cable, the second-largest cable operator in the US, is considering promoting a singe-play offer more, with just broadband. ...

Hollywood struggles with broadcast rights and the iPad

Published 04 Apr 2011 16:15 CET | United States, World

While Time Warner Cable's iPad app has been plagued with rights questions since its launch, rival Cablevision has launched its own iPad app with much more content and ...


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