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Price per year
Registered Users You want to get deeper into our site and try out additional services. Registering will allow you to view up to 10 items per month and receive our free Telecom Headlines in your inbox every day. Registering will also allow you to use our alert service.


News adepts You are interested in the current telecom news and you want to stay up to date. Subscribing to our Light subscription will allow you to read all of last month’s news. Besides our free Telecom Headlines, you can also create your own news feed and use our alert service to receive full articles in your mail or RSS feed.


Professionals You work with telecom news on a regular basis and will need a lot of information, as troublefree as possible. Our Plus subscription allows you to read back into our archives up to one year, read our background articles, create your own feeds, use our alert service to receive full articles in your mail or RSS feed and will be also be able to read one of our predefined newsletters.


Researchers You are a researcher and want to have access to every article we have ever pubilshed. With our Premium subscription, you will be able to enjoy our ellaborate archives, which go back to as far as 1993. Furthermore you will be able to subscribe to two of our predefined newsletters, create two personal feeds, read background articles and use our alert service.


Telecom Headlines
A free, daily newsletter with all of the most important Telecom news.
News + Commentary
All the telecom news and commentary.
Ellaborate information around current events.
All articles we have ever published, going back to as far as 1993.
1 month
1 year
Article binder
Select stories for later reading or to export them to a file.
iPhone app
Stay up to date with the latest development with our iPhone App.
RSS feeds
A number of RSS feeds about one particular subject.
Personal Feeds
A feed you can customise to your own needs, delivering them to your through RSS or e-mail at a frequency of your choise.
Alert service
A service which allows you to set keywords of your choice. Allows you to bring news to your feed reader or mail as soon as it is published.
Title only
Full article
Full article
Full article
Telecompaper Newsletters
Newsletters which have been predefined by us. A list of telecompaper newsletters can be found on our products page.

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