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34% of Dutch consumers use a smartphone

Houten, The Netherlands, 28 March 2011 - In the fourth quarter of 2010 about one third (34%) of Dutch consumers were using a smartphone, a considerable increase from the beginning of 2010 when just under a quarter were using smartphones (22%). Nokia and Samsung are the most used brands among smartphone users, followed by BlackBerry, Apple and HTC. Nokia is the largest in the postpaid smartphone market, Samsung in the prepaid smartphone market. Android is the operating system that is growing the fastest in 2010, Windows Mobile shows the biggest decline, according to Telecompaper's first report about Dutch Smartphone Users. The report is based on an online market survey of 7,300 Dutch consumers during Q4 2010. In the report data from the first three quarters of 2010 are also shown where relevant.

"Our research shows that smartphones are becoming an important part of the mobile experience in the Netherlands with Samsung and Nokia as main suppliers, but other suppliers are catching up”, says Tine Niezink, researcher at Telecompaper. “It also shows that Android is gaining ground quickly, where Windows Mobile is losing ground.

Hi, together with T-Mobile, has the highest penetration of smartphone clients among their customer base. Most providers are counting more and more smartphone users among their customers, especially Hi, Vodafone and T-Mobile show an increase in customers using a smartphone. Telfort and Tele2 have a larger market share among normal phone users than among smartphone users. T-Mobile has the largest market share in the postpaid smartphone market (30%) and Vodafone in the prepaid smartphone market (29%).

Smartphones are used more by the younger consumers as more than half of the 15-29 yrs olds makes use of a smartphone. Among the younger consumers the penetration of smartphones is also growing faster than among the older consumers.

Smartphone users spend more per month on their mobile phone than normal phone users. The average spend per month of smartphone users is slightly decreasing, mainly because fewer people spend more than EUR 80 per month.

About the report Dutch Smartphone User 2010-Q4

This report gives insight into the differences between the smartphone user and the normal phone user as well as information on the total mobile market (15-65 yrs). Where relevant the smartphone user of Q4 is compared to the previous quarters of 2010. The report gives detailed information on the demographics of the consumers, the handset brand and operating system, provider, type of subscription, where the mobile connection is bought and usage of apps and SMS.

This report discusses similar topics as the two reports on the Dutch Mobile Consumer. These reports give information on the total mobile phone market. One report focuses on the differences between the providers and the other report on the differences between the brand of handsets used. These reports are available for Q3 2010 and will be available later this year for Q1 2011.

The Dutch Smartphone User report discusses the following aspects:
Socio demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Income
  • Daily occupation
  • Living situation


  • Brand
  • Operating system
  • Awareness functionalities


  • Provider (Total market, Pre- and postpaid)
  • Pre- and postpaid
  • Type en length of subscription
  • New or renewed postpaid subscription

Provider (continued)

  • Spendings
  • Who pays bill
  • Private or business usage
  • Reason choice provider

How connection is bought

  • How connection is bought
  • Type of physical store
  • Type of internet store


  • Downloaded apps
  • Type of apps downloaded (total market, age and OS)
  • SMS
  • Additional bundles
  • Activities done with phone

Other hardware in household

  • Other hardware in household

This report is based on the responses of 7,300 respondents from our Telecompaper Consumer Panel during the period October - December 2010. In the report data from the first three quarters of 2010 are also shown where relevant. Results are CBS stratified for gender and age (15-64). Every month, we ask at least 2,000 consumers from our panel about their use of mobile telephony, broadband connections, fixed telephony and TV, including details on their current situation, purchasing habits, usage and churn.

Event MOBIEL NL 2011

Telecompaper will on Wednesday 15 June organise a mobile broadband sector congress in the Netherlands. The event will take place at Nemo in Amsterdam, and will focus mainly on the enormous increase in mobile data and how network and smartphone operators and manufacturers are handling this. FON, Sony Ericsson, eBuddy, Vodafone, T-mobile, Juniper Networks and others will present their views of the market. Please visit the http://events.telecompaper.com site for more information on speakers and topics. With the purchase of this report, you will receive two tickets (worth EUR 795 each) for the MOBILE NL 2011 Congress.


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