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Consumers turn back to shops for smartphone purchase in Q1 2016

Houten, The Netherlands, 28 June 2016 - Consumers are increasingly buying their phones in physical shops, according to the Dutch Smartphone User Q1 2016 report by Telecompaper. In the first quarter of 2016, 42 percent of Dutch consumers said they bought their smartphones online, down from 47 percent a year earlier. Especially Apple and HTC smartphones are more often bought in shops (+13 and +15 percentage points in a year).

The Telecompaper report ‘Dutch Smartphone User Q1 2016’ shows that 86 percent of Dutch consumers now have smartphones, an increase of 5 percentage points over the past year. With nearly everyone under 30 owning a smartphone, growth is coming from the over-50s. The 50-64 age group rose from 67 percent with smartphones a year ago to 84 percent in the latest survey. Among 65-80 year olds, 63 percent now have a smartphone, up from 54 percent in the first quarter of 2015. This may explain the increase in smartphone sales in physical shops, as seniors tend to use online channels less.

While Samsung still leads the Dutch smartphone market with a 45 percent share in Q1, Apple is growing steadily. Almost one in three (28%) Dutch consumers had iPhones in Q1, up 3 percentage points compared to a year earlier. Consequently, the share of iOS also grew to 28 percent, at the expense of Android, which is now used by 67 percent of smartphone users (down from 71% a year earlier). Apple’s share decreases as the smartphone user gets older, while the opposite is true for Samsung.

Smartphone users are on average more enthusiastic about their handset than they were a year ago. The average Net Promoter Score, which measures the share of consumers who would recommend a product to acquaintances, reached 12 for smartphone brands in Q1, up from just 1 a year earlier. Especially Sony, HTC and Huawei users are more satisfied with their smartphones; their NPS increased by 23, 18 and 17 points respectively over the past year. Apple users are still the most likely to recommend iPhones to others, resulting in the highest NPS in the market at 27, leaving Samsung far behind with a NPS of 9.

The Telecompaper research also looks at how consumers are using their smartphones. The most-used feature is the camera; 87% take pictures with it. Eight out of ten smartphone users send text messages, and over two-thirds (68%) use their smartphone to send and receive e-mails. Apple and Sony users notably use more of the functions of their phones than the average smartphone user, while LG owners use less of the functions than average.



The Dutch Smartphone User report provides insights on smartphone penetration, social demographics of smartphone users, handset brands and models, purchase channels, spending and usage, mobile providers and ownership of other devices. Most results are shown for the handset manufacturers Microsoft (Nokia), Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Apple and Huawei. Some results are also shown for specific models, such as the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge).

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This report is based on the responses of over 12,000 participants in the Telecompaper Consumer Panel during the period January 2015 – March 2016. Results are CBS stratified for gender, age (12-80) and education. Every six months, we ask at least 10,000 consumers from our panel about their use of mobile telephony, broadband connections, fixed telephony, tablet and TV, including details on their current situation, purchasing habits, usage and churn. The report DSU2016Q1 "Dutch Smartphone User Q1 2016" is a research product from Telecompaper. It is available at the reduced price of EUR 2,250. Customers ordering the report in the first month after publication receive an extra discount of 20%.



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