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Simyo most recommended postpaid provider in the Netherlands

Houten, The Netherlands, 25 May 2016 -
Telecompaper is introducing its updated Word-of-Mouth score (WoM). The research, to be published every six months, shows the top mobile and triple-play service providers recommended by consumers, as well as the most recommended smartphone models. Twice a year the top three winners in each category will be announced. The first edition shows that Simyo is the most popular postpaid provider based on consumer recommendations, while the iPhone 6S won the smartphone category. Last week Telecompaper announced already that XS4ALL is the most recommended triple-play provider in the Netherlands.


The postpaid WoM research included the 11 biggest providers in the Netherlands. In the period November 2015 to April 2016, Simyo was the most recommended by its customers. Nearly seven in ten (69%) said they would recommend Simyo to family, friends or colleagues. This gives Simyo the highest WoM score among Dutch postpaid providers. Simyo is recommended mainly for the range and type of subscriptions it offers. Previous WoM surveys have shown Simyo regularly achieving the top WoM score, but the difference in scores among postpaid providers have narrowed in the past half year.

KPN came just after Simyo with recommendations from 66 percent of its customers, and T-Mobile was in third place with a WoM score of 63 percent. Both the brands have large market shares on the postpaid market. A year ago T-Mobile was not even in the top five, while KPN’s score has been relatively stable over the past year. All the postpaid providers included in the survey were recommended by at least half of their customers.

The WoM scores for the top smartphones were significantly higher than for the postpaid providers. The newer models from Apple and Samsung attracted the highest scores. Apple’s iPhone 6S came out on top with 90 percent of users recommending the device, and the iPhone 6 was close behind with a score of 88. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 took third place with 87 percent of users recommending the smartphone. The more premium models - the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus – were recommended less often than the more ‘basic’ versions.

Note to editors

Recommendations play an increasingly important role in the choice of service provider or mobile handset. To help businesses and consumers benefit from what other users think, Telecompaper has introduced the WoM score. Every six months, Telecompaper publishes WoM scores for postpaid providers, triple-play providers and handsets.

The WoM score shows which percentage of customers would recommend a provider or handset to others, giving a good indication of customer satisfaction. While similar to user reviews, it simplifies the process with an objective score of zero to 100 percent.

The WoM scores are calculated based on all the scores collected in the previous six months by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel. All scores weigh equally in the final result, which is then weighted according to age, education and gender (based on CBS data). As the final score is based on data from six months, small changes at a provider, such as network upgrades, may be reflected. In addition, the data is based on a representative sample of the population, helping to avoid only very positive or negative scores.


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