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Date Title Type
08-May-2019 EU Mobile Benchmark 2019-Q1 Report
23-May-2018 EU Mobile Benchmark 2018-Q1 Report
23-May-2017 EU Mobile Benchmark 2017 Q1 Report
19-Apr-2016 EU Mobile Benchmark 2016 Q1 Report
16-Oct-2015 EU Mobile Benchmark 2015 Q3 Report
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Date Title Type
18-Sep-2019 3 Sweden announces new head of private customer market, interim B2B head News
18-Sep-2019 3 Sweden provides connectivity to smart city service provider Bumbee Labs News
17-Sep-2019 3 Scandinavia appoints head of strategy, 3 Denmark names head of innovation and head of legal affairs News
12-Sep-2019 3 Sweden to start iPhone 11 pre-sales 13 September News
30-Aug-2019 3 Sweden says Albania rises to become 6th most popular roaming destination News
29-Aug-2019 3 Sweden merges B2C and B2B customer service organisations News
22-Aug-2019 3 Sweden replaces corporate broadband range with single subscription News
01-Aug-2019 3 Sweden H1 revenue drops 9%, year-on-year profit hit by end to VAT reclaim News
17-Jul-2019 3 Denmark, 3 Sweden expand customer bases in Q2 News
09-Jul-2019 PTS tells 3 Sweden to speed up data processing risk analyses News
01-Jul-2019 PTS declares network neutrality in Sweden to be in good shape News
11-Jun-2019 3 Sweden makes eSIMs instantly available via Mitt3 self-service app News
27-May-2019 3 Sweden agrees to lease spectrum to Ukkoverkot for Swedish private LTE networks News
23-May-2019 3 Sweden announces divisional reorganisation from 01 June News
17-May-2019 3 Sweden produces videos of staff product reviews, animated FAQ shorts News
06-May-2019 3 Sweden offers single, unified enterprise mobile subscription News
29-Apr-2019 3 Sweden starts offering unlimited home broadband News
25-Apr-2019 Telia wins Swedish P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark test again News
01-Apr-2019 3 Sweden criticises PTS plans for 5G spectrum on competition grounds News
27-Mar-2019 3 Scandinavia offers smart watch with reservations for Huawei P30 and P30 Pro News
25-Mar-2019 3 Denmark, 3 Sweden offer eSIMs for iPads News
21-Mar-2019 3 Sweden FY revenue drops 5%, EBITDA rises 6% but EBIT falls 8% News
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