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20-Nov-2019 Bulgaria plans to sell 5G frequencies by June 2020 News
19-Nov-2019 A1 offers AirPods Pro for EUR 225 with MyNext bonus programme News
18-Nov-2019 A1 Macedonia makes first 5G call News
14-Nov-2019 A1 Bulgaria starts Black Friday promotion, adds Nokia 6.2 to offer News
13-Nov-2019 A1 wins Smartphone magazine mobile test News
11-Nov-2019 Third of Austrians show interest in esports - study News
08-Nov-2019 A1 to hold 5G eSports final in Vienna over 5G News
05-Nov-2019 Magenta Telekom, Salzburg AG rank first for broadband quality in Austria - connect News
04-Nov-2019 A1 discounts Unlimited tariffs for Christmas News
31-Oct-2019 A1 warns of phishing e-mails suspected of trying to steal customer bank details News
29-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus gets new CFO News
22-Oct-2019 Spusu to start 5G network on 25 October News
21-Oct-2019 A1 launches electric vehicle charging offer in cooperation with Smatrics News
21-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus upgrades Voka TV service News
18-Oct-2019 A1 launches discounts, free offerings for Smile Day on 18 October News
17-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus revenues up 9% in Q3 News
17-Oct-2019 A1 Croatia revenue flat at EUR 115 million in Q3 News
16-Oct-2019 A1 posts higher revenue and EBITDA in Q3, confirms guidance for 2019 News
16-Oct-2019 Yesss! launches Happy Day promotion on smartphones until midnight on 17 October News
15-Oct-2019 Hong Kong grants 5G spectrum licenses in 3.5 GHz band News
11-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus starts selling new devices, including refurbished iPhones News
11-Oct-2019 A1 to start operating 5G network on 01 January, CEO says News
10-Oct-2019 A1 expands fibre network in Kanzian am Klopeinersee News
10-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus starts selling TP-Link equipment to customers News
09-Oct-2019 A1 Belarus, MTS Belarus take reservations for iPhone 11 range News
07-Oct-2019 A1 runs bundles broadband internet, green energy offer in partnership with Verbund News
03-Oct-2019 A1 opens third eSports Hub in Salzburg News
02-Oct-2019 A1 wins service app test by Connect magazine News
02-Oct-2019 A1 Hrvatska launches virtual shop via video link and chat function News
30-Sep-2019 A1 Hrvatska plans new digital TV platform and OTT services News
26-Sep-2019 A1 ranks first in business tariffs convenience test News
25-Sep-2019 Most Austrians looking to switch mobile operator go for Hot News
24-Sep-2019 A1 says nine out of ten Austrians can't leave home without smartphone News
24-Sep-2019 Ericsson Nikola Tesla to develop A1 network in Croatia News
20-Sep-2019 A1, MTS Belarus launch Samsung Galaxy A30s News
19-Sep-2019 A1 accepts educational start-up eSquirrel at campus News
18-Sep-2019 A1 welcomes itjobsaustria to start-up programme News
13-Sep-2019 A1 starts pre-orders for new iPhones, to launch Apple watches on 20 Sept for EUR 550 News
12-Sep-2019 A1 to host eSports final at motorshow event in Vienna News
09-Sep-2019 A1 combines eSport League Final with Red Bull pLANet one News
09-Sep-2019 A1 partners RiC TV for channel launch in Central and Eastern Europe News
04-Sep-2019 A1 Belarus offers mobile discount with fixed internet subscription News
04-Sep-2019 Vip formally rebrands as A1 in North Macedonia News
03-Sep-2019 A1 Belarus launches new tariff builder News
03-Sep-2019 A1 Belarus starts promo for customers returning used devices News
30-Aug-2019 A1 sells stake in Telecom Liechtenstein to government News
29-Aug-2019 A1 tests use of 5G at Arsenal in Vienna News
29-Aug-2019 A1 wins customer service test in shops News
27-Aug-2019 A1 to showcase 8K streaming over 5G at Alpbach Forum News
26-Aug-2019 A1 Bulgaria add Samsung Note 10, Huawei Y5, Y7 to offer News
26-Aug-2019 A1 offers Free Stream Gaming option to play on mobile devices News
21-Aug-2019 Magenta Telekom wins PC Magazin broadband test in Austria News
20-Aug-2019 A1 names new head of corporate communication News
16-Aug-2019 A1 Bulgaria launches own smartphone A1 Alpha News
14-Aug-2019 A1 offers eSIM trials in Belarus, sells white-label smartphone designed by ZTE News
13-Aug-2019 MTS Belarus, A1 run smartphone special offers News
13-Aug-2019 A1 runs special offer for Xcite S youth tariff to mark new academic year News
13-Aug-2019 A1's Bob runs special offer for iPhone XR with X-trabob subscription News
08-Aug-2019 A1 offers promotional Unlimited tariffs until 29 September News
08-Aug-2019 Velcom to rebrand as A1 from 12 August News
06-Aug-2019 A1 Slovenija introduces A1 Alpha smartphone News
05-Aug-2019 Velcom discounts smartphones for new school year News
02-Aug-2019 Velcom cuts prices of 4 Huawei smartphones News
02-Aug-2019 A1 Hrvatska to introduce monthly residential service fee from September News
01-Aug-2019 A1 opens second eSports hub in Dornbirn News
01-Aug-2019 A1 ranks first in Connect broadband hotline test News
29-Jul-2019 Velcom sells Xiaomi Mi 9T smartphone News
26-Jul-2019 Velcom cuts prices of Xiaomi smartphones News
24-Jul-2019 A1 cooperates with TTControl to connect machines to the cloud News
22-Jul-2019 A1 to offer video calls service for customers outside shop hours News
19-Jul-2019 A1 to show beginning of Austrian football league season on 26 July News
18-Jul-2019 City of Vienna to award EUR 400,000 for 5G projects News
18-Jul-2019 Velcom cuts iPhone contract prices News
17-Jul-2019 Velcom EBITDA slides in Q2 despite highe revenues News
17-Jul-2019 A1 Bulgaria service revenues up 8% to EUR 93 mln in Q2 News
17-Jul-2019 Velcom offers discounts on phones, tablets until 21 July News
17-Jul-2019 A1 sees revenues increase in Q2, pressure on profits due to restructuring News
15-Jul-2019 A1 Hrvatska introduces A1 Alpha smartphone News
12-Jul-2019 Velcom introduces new devices from Samsung, Huawei News
12-Jul-2019 Austrian and Swiss cities top DACH ranking in Tutela crowdsourced report News
11-Jul-2019 A1 provides fibre to 170,000 households in H1 News
09-Jul-2019 A1 launches SD-WAN service News
09-Jul-2019 A1 to restrict use of Paybox payment service News
09-Jul-2019 A1 introduces Alpha smartphone in combination with A1 Go and A1 Xcite tariffs News
05-Jul-2019 A1 Hrvatska has best mobile network in P3 survey News
05-Jul-2019 A1's Bob starts summer mobile offers News
04-Jul-2019 A1 to host eSports Mobile Cup at ISPO Digitize Summit in Munich News
04-Jul-2019 Yesss! launches Happy Day promotion on smartphones until midnight on 04 July News
03-Jul-2019 Velcom starts promo with Huawei P30, P30 Pro smartphones News
02-Jul-2019 Velcom cuts price for Amazfit BIP smartwatch rate, gives cashback with Samsung smartphones News
02-Jul-2019 A1 opens first 5G base station in Bulgaria News
01-Jul-2019 A1 claims best customer service, network quality in consumer survey News
28-Jun-2019 Velcom renews Privet customer phone instalment payment scheme News
27-Jun-2019 A1 tests 5G speeds in Croatia News
24-Jun-2019 Velcom data centre gets PCI DSS certificate News
24-Jun-2019 Velcom offers new business tariff line News
24-Jun-2019 Velcom to modify conditions, raises prices News
19-Jun-2019 Velcom cuts price of memory card News
18-Jun-2019 Velcom upgrades network for II European Games News
18-Jun-2019 A1 expands payment system to support Alipay, crypto-currencies News
18-Jun-2019 A1 Hrvatska introduces MAKERphone News
14-Jun-2019 A1 Bulgaria awards project to winning team of start-up contest News
11-Jun-2019 A1 launches 5G-ready broadband plan, new ad campaign News
11-Jun-2019 A1 Bulgaria adds Nicktoons channel to A1 TV offer News
07-Jun-2019 Velcom cuts prices for Xiaomi, Huawei smartphones for those buying on installments News
07-Jun-2019 Yesss! doubles data volume to 30 GB for Complete XL tariff until 07 July News
06-Jun-2019 Velcom discounts unlimited plans News
05-Jun-2019 Velcom brings its network to all tunnels of the Minsk metro News
05-Jun-2019 A1 ranks first for customer service in stores in Connect magazine test News
05-Jun-2019 A1 to offer Apple Watch with LTE from 14 June in Austria News
05-Jun-2019 Velcom launches new 1 GB roaming pack News
04-Jun-2019 Hot to enter unlimited broadband market with new LTE data tariff News
04-Jun-2019 Velcom offers Samsung Galaxy A50 on installment News
03-Jun-2019 Velcom introduces Amazfit Bip smartwatch News
03-Jun-2019 Velcom cuts price of Canyon smart watch, offers Huawei router on instalments News
31-May-2019 Velcom refreshes Lemon tariff line News
31-May-2019 Velcom refreshes smartphone warranty programme News
27-May-2019 Velcom debuts new fixed broadband tariff line for business customers News
27-May-2019 Velcom starts promo for Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone News
27-May-2019 Velcom starts promo for Huawei smartphones News
24-May-2019 A1 organises eSports event in Vienna, including A1 eSports League finals News
24-May-2019 Velcom starts promo of smartphones, tablets News
24-May-2019 A1 Bulgaria promotes A1 Credit Card News
23-May-2019 Yesss! runs Happy Day promotion on smartphones News
23-May-2019 Velcom suspends LTE services in Gomel News
22-May-2019 Velcom to modify conditions of fixed services, raise rates News
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