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16-Jan-2019 Bouygues Telecom appoints Edward Bouygues as strategy director News
11-Jan-2019 Orange tops nPerf's fixed broadband performance study in France News
10-Jan-2019 Bouygues Telecom in talks to acquire French B2B operator Nerim – report News
09-Jan-2019 French LTE cell sites on 1800 MHz frequencies gain narrow lead over 800 MHz band News
07-Jan-2019 Bouygues Telecom makes live 5G call on 3.5 GHz band in Lyon News
27-Dec-2018 Bouygues Telecom fined for personal data breach News
19-Dec-2018 Arcep gives green light for more 5G pilots in 3.5GHz band News
18-Dec-2018 France still cheapest for mobile services, joined by Italy after Iliad launch News
13-Dec-2018 Bouygues Telecom, Axione, Mirova forge investment partnership for FTTH roll-out in French urban areas News
12-Dec-2018 French spectrum agency finds mobile internet speed improvement in small cell trials News
10-Dec-2018 Bouygues Telecom makes progress with Keyyo acquisition News
10-Dec-2018 Cellnex, Bouygues ink new EUR 250 mln deal to build 88 edge computing centres News
07-Dec-2018 Orange keeps lead in French LTE cell sites, adds 16 5G test sites in November News
23-Nov-2018 SFR struggling to turn postpaid net adds into revenue growth News
22-Nov-2018 Orange CEO says renewed price war to drive French consolidation talk News
21-Nov-2018 Benin negotiates construction of western loop with Axian and Bouygues News
16-Nov-2018 French regulator Arcep confirms 900 MHz spectrum distribution in 'New Deal' with operators News
15-Nov-2018 Bouygues Telecom posts 20% EBITDA growth in Q3 News
13-Nov-2018 Aviat Networks tests microwave SDN proof of concept with Bouygues Telecom News
12-Nov-2018 Bouygues Telecom names Richard Viel as CEO, Roussat becomes board president News
09-Nov-2018 Orange leads in French LTE site activations during October News
09-Nov-2018 Bouygues Telecom taps NGData to improve customer service with tailored videos News
29-Oct-2018 Bouygues Telecom expands customer service contract with Smartfix News
26-Oct-2018 French regulator Arcep completes reallocation of 900/1800/2100 MHz spectrum News
25-Oct-2018 Bouygues Telecom in exclusive talks to acquire B2B operator Keyyo News
22-Oct-2018 Last week in telecoms: from +16% for Euskaltel to -10% for Bouygues News
19-Oct-2018 Bouygues lowers FY profit outlook on faltering construction ops News
17-Oct-2018 Orange leads French mobile networks quality survey, Bouygues move up to 2nd News
10-Oct-2018 French regulator Arcep calls for acceleration in IPv6 deployment News
10-Oct-2018 Orange France leads nPerf's mobile internet speed ranking in Q3 News
09-Oct-2018 French operators launch translation service for phone users with disabilities News
05-Oct-2018 Bouygues and SFR ramp up LTE cell site activations in September News
05-Oct-2018 Bouygues Telecom to provide 5G services at Utac Ceram's new vehicle testing site News
03-Oct-2018 French operators submit applications for 900/1800/2100 MHz spectrum News
28-Sep-2018 Fonex secures mobile backhaul contract from Bouygues Telecom News
27-Sep-2018 French operators launch LTE services on Rennes metro line News
24-Sep-2018 Arcep authorises Bouygues Telecom to carry out LTE SDL technical trial News
20-Sep-2018 Bouygues Telecom names Olivier Heitz as information systems director News
19-Sep-2018 Orange, Bouygues lead French mobile market growth in Q2 as Free feels the pinch Background
07-Sep-2018 Bouygues Telecom starts campaign on responsible kids mobile phone use News
05-Sep-2018 Bouygues Telecom launches kids mobile plan at EUR 1 per month News
05-Sep-2018 Orange keep lead for French LTE sites in Aug News
31-Aug-2018 Bouygues says no French telecom consolidation likely before 2019 News
30-Aug-2018 Bouygues Telecom maintains FY growth outlook after solid Q2 gains News
29-Aug-2018 French operators bring LTE to Lille metro line News
24-Aug-2018 Bouygues Telecom increases price of Bbox Ultym bundle News
06-Aug-2018 Bouygues Telecom introduces SMS over Wi-Fi service News
03-Aug-2018 Orange retains narrow lead in French LTE cell sites in July News
02-Aug-2018 French regulator approves plan to redistribute 900/1800/2100 MHz spectrum News
20-Jul-2018 Bouygues Telecom to offer wholesale FTTP access to B2B operators News
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