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Date Title Type
12-Jun-2017 FTTH in the Netherlands 2017 Report
02-Jun-2016 FTTH in the Netherlands 2016 Report
02-Jun-2015 FTTH in the Netherlands 2015 Report
28-May-2014 FTTH in the Netherlands 2014 Report
14-Feb-2014 FTTH Monitor - December 2013 Report
14-Jun-2013 FTTH in the Netherlands 2013 Report
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Date Title Type
09-Apr-2018 Fibre set to come to Kaag en Braassem, Nieuwkoop, Teylingen-Oost News
09-Mar-2018 CIF to change name to CAIW News
07-Mar-2018 Delta looks for growth with expansion outside Zeeland Commentary
05-Mar-2018 Dutch municipality of Moerdijk looks to Glasvezel Buitenaf for rural fibre network News
27-Feb-2018 CIF's Glasvezel buitenaf inks fibre rollout deal with Kromme Rijnstreek News
19-Feb-2018 Glasvezel buitenaf to go ahead with fibre roll-out in Achterhoek Zuid News
19-Feb-2018 Delta expands to Brabant, to offer triple-play services News
31-Jan-2018 CIF signs fibre deployment deal with Weert, Nederweert, Leudal, Maasgouw, Peel en Maas News
31-Jan-2018 CIF starts fibre registration procedure in Veluwe Noord-Kampen Zuid News
30-Jan-2018 CIF changes Mabib name to Glasvezel Buitenaf News
30-Jan-2018 CIF to go ahead with fibre roll-out in Ronde Venen, Stichtse Vecht, Ouder-Amstel News
26-Jan-2018 EQT joins top 5 Dutch operators, important decisions awaited Background
24-Jan-2018 CIF inks fibre deployment deal with Wageningen News
24-Jan-2018 Dutch municipality of Bronckhorst to worth with CIF for rural fibre network News
12-Jan-2018 EQT completes takeover of CIF, Caiway after competition clearance News
03-Jan-2018 Fixed/mobile mergers to continue in 2018 Background
20-Dec-2017 Rural Overijssel to get fibre after successful registration process News
19-Dec-2017 CAI Harderwijk to extend network to outlying areas News
14-Dec-2017 Fibre deployment hits delays in Dutch Salland News
06-Dec-2017 CIF roll-out to go ahead in Nunspeet, Ermelo News
29-Nov-2017 CIF brings Ouder-Amstel into Groene Hart Noord fibre profject News
29-Nov-2017 Cable upgrade to Docsis 3.1 puts pressure on KPN to resume FTTH roll-out Background
23-Nov-2017 CIF to start pre-marketing in Groene Hart Noord News
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A1 Austria's market share postpaid service revenues
Austria  |  2017 Q4