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With our detailed knowledge of the industry we are able to help you with any telecom related question you may have, big or small. Our researchers and analysts continuously review the market and are able to provide you with the information you are looking for. We can also support your own research, for example by providing you with a specific data set.

With our extensive databases of global telecom news (going back to 1993), numerous research reports and for the Dutch Market our Consumer Panel, we are able to provide you with the required need-to-know information and market insight. If you e-mail us your question, we will provide you with a quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@telecompaper.com

Below you can find a selection of client research we have completed.


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Market shares of Dutch TV provider

11 Jun 2019

A regional broadcaster is preparing negotiations with a TV provider. They wanted to know the market share of this TV provider among their target group. As we monitor this constantly we could easily provide them with these ...

Consumer insights to create brand awareness

11 Jun 2019

A handset brand serving a niche segment wanted data for PR purposes. We conducted a survey among 800 Dutch consumers about how they use their handsets. This information is used by a PR agency to create awareness about the brand they represent. ...

Detailed customer insights for Dutch mobile provider

18 Feb 2019

For a mobile provider we did a deep dive on their own customer base. The provider knows the age, gender and spending of its customers. Usage of apps, fixed provider and reasons why a subscription is bought are insights that can help build new business cases. ...

Handset monitor to compare product features and consumer insights

12 Feb 2019

For a challenger on the handset market we made a handset monitor. With this monitor they can easily compare product features of their handsets with other brands/ types. It's also possible to see which handsets consumers are possibly interested in (monitoring clicks). the other part of the monitor reports Consumer Insights: why a certain handset is bought, segmentation of the target group and brand loyalty. ...

Research into importance of email address when changing ISP for Dutch Ministry

24 Jan 2019

For the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs Telecompaper researched the importance of email addresses when changing ISP. Consumers were asked about their use of email addresses and if they consider having to change email address when changing ISP as a constraint. Consumers were also asked if they were aware that they are entitled to keep their email address for one month after switching provider. ...

Research into handset preferences among Dutch consumers

21 Jan 2019

The handset market is divided into a low, mid and high segment. An international handset brand wanted to know their potential in all three price segments. Therefore we did research into brand preferences among Dutch consumers in these ...

Market shares of smartphone operating systems

10 Jan 2019

A governmental organisation wanted figures on the market shares of operating systems on smartphones and the development over time. Important is how dominant specific operating systems are now and will be in the future. The (possible) dominance should not affect the freedom of choice of handset users when it comes to installing certain ...

Brand awareness surveys for ISP

18 Dec 2018

Several brand awareness surveys were conducted for an ISP with multiple brands. We did pre- and post-tests for two of their brands, to check on the impact of their campaigns. Results were presented in a table book and raw data. ...

Forecasts for broadband, fixed telephony and TV combined into a multi-play forecast

16 Dec 2018

For an operator, Telecompaper combines its separate five year forecasts for broadband, television and fixed telephony into a five year forecast for multi-play packages per technology.. The multi-play KPIs include 1P (broadband, TV or fixed telephony), 2P (broadband plus either TV or fixed telephony) and 3P (broadband plus TV plus fixed ...

Churn monitor for Dutch ISP

12 Nov 2018

Which fixed player gained and which player lost customers during the past quarter? This question was asked by a Dutch ISP. We made a churn monitor to give insights in the dynamic market movements. ...

Brand awareness tests for international SVoD player

24 Sep 2018

For the third year in a row we did a pre- and two post-tests for an international SVOD player. The research was mostly about brand awareness, brand image and price points. The research helped our customer to successfully pitch a new product to their headquarters. ...

Detailed information on competition in the low-end proposition segment of the mobile market

18 Sep 2018

Telecompaper provided a Dutch provider with a detailed information on competition in the low-end proposition segment of the mobile market. The analysis covered plans costing up to EUR 12.50 per month of six providers. All mobile tariffs which can be purchased on the operator's website are recorded on a weekly basis by Telecompaper. This informatioin in this database allowed us to develop a total TCO by calculating the total cost paid over the length of the contract duration (including promos) ...

Research into brand awareness and pricing levels for a provider of OTT services

05 Jul 2018

Research into brand awareness and pricing levels, using the Gabor method, for a provider of OTT services. We carried out the first research in 2017 to provide a baseline for the further two survey moments. Using our consumer panel Telecompaper looked at brand awareness, image, target group and its needs, pricing and propositions. We used the Gabor Granger method to decide the point of maximum revenue, which is the best price for the product. ...

Dynamics and development of mobile Sim-only tariffs from 2016 up to Q2 2018

19 Jun 2018

Dynamics and development of mobile Sim-only tariffs from 2016 up to Q2 2018. Who has introduced what and how have competitors reacted to each other. Telecompaper provided a Dutch provider with a concise analysis of the price / service developments in the mobile sector, based on the pricing information of ten mobile providers. The focus was on regular voice services (minutes) in combination with data (MB) for Sim-only plans. For this analysis we assumed an 'rational consumer', for whom the ...

Detailed overview of Swiss telecom market

15 May 2018

Telecompaper provides a detailed overview of the Swiss telecom market based on published figures, estimates and other market insights to an operator active in Switzerland. The overview is updated every quarter since May 2018 and includes the number of mobile, fixed telephony, broadband and television customers, mobile and fixed service revenues (divided per service when available) plus a 2 years forecast. All KPIs are available for the whole market as well as per provider for the four biggest ...

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