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With our detailed knowledge of the industry we are able to help you with any telecom related question you may have, big or small. Our researchers and analysts continuously review the market and are able to provide you with the information you are looking for. We can also support your own research, for example by providing you with a specific data set.

With our extensive databases of global telecom news (going back to 1993), numerous research reports and for the Dutch Market our Consumer Panel, we are able to provide you with the required need-to-know information and market insight. If you e-mail us your question, we will provide you with a quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@telecompaper.com

Below you can find a selection of client research we have completed.


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Quad play offerings in the Netherlands

09 Feb 2016

A provider of fixed and mobile services asked Telecompaper to provide information about the quad play offerings available in the Netherlands. Specifically, the client wanted to know which quad play offerings, combining internet, television and fixed and mobile telephony, offered specific benefits such as a discount. Telecompaper also provided the estimated number of customers for quad play offerings and the share of quad play customers in the total broadband base. We were able to do this ...

Market volumes of license free equipment

01 Dec 2015

For a government organisation in the Netherlands Telecompaper researched the current and future market volumes of license free equipment in use. Examples of these are WiFi equipment in households, M2M devices and DAB+ radios. The organisation wants to use this information to determine the future quality and availability of license free spectrum ...

Overview of the worldwide OTT market

11 Nov 2015

For a video content provider Telecompaper created an overview of the worldwide OTT market: which companies are successful and which are not? And if they are not successful, what are the reasons for this? We also looked at the current state of the OTT market in the Netherlands, including the preferences and behaviour of Dutch consumers in this segment. We used this information to advise our client about the OTT options available to further commercialise its own ...

Historical data of fixed offerings

02 Oct 2015

A national operator asked Telecompaper to provide insight into the products and prices of the fixed market over the past few years, including broadband internet, television and fixed telephony. The client wanted to know which products were on offer, when they were introduced, the prices of these products and if and when they were no longer on offer. Specifically this also included download speeds for broadband and the number of TV channels per offering. With this information the client was able ...

Historical data of mobile propositions

18 Sep 2015

Telecompaper was asked by a national operator to provide historical data about the mobile propositions of its competitors. Our client wanted to know the changes in offerings and prices for the past three years regarding the postpaid bundles of competing operators, including the Sim only propositions and those in combination with a mobile device. Telecompaper keeps an extensive database of mobile proposition details and prices and was thus able to provide the requested information in an easy to ...

Statistics of Samsung smartphone users

25 Aug 2015

For a national telecommunications provider Telecompaper compiled a list of information about the users of Samsung smartphones. Among other things, the client wanted to know the reasons why consumers chose a specific smartphone model, where they bought it and how much they spent on mobile telephony each month. Telecompaper was able to provide this information using its Consumer Panel, which also gave the client insights into demographic information of Samsung smartphone users, such as gender, ...

Most used smartphones and tablets in the Netherlands

22 Jun 2015

Telecompaper was approached by a developer of online video content and applications to provide information about the most used smartphones and tablets in the Netherlands. With this information, the company wanted to determine the particular specifications of an app being developed. Using information from our Handset Database and Consumer Panel, we were able to put together a list of the most popular devices, split into operating systems and particular software ...

Churn rate of customers of fixed services

02 Jun 2015

A national provider of fixed services in the Netherlands wanted to know the churn rate of some of its competitors. The company was specifically looking for the number of customers who terminated their subscription and the number of customers gained in a particular period. Telecompaper used information from its quarterly reports about the fixed market combined with data from its Consumer Panel to determine the churn rates. Our customer used this data to better determine and target its own ...

Costs involved for SoHo companies when switching mobile telecom provider

28 May 2015

A mobile services provider based in the Netherlands wanted to know the time and costs involved when SoHo companies switch mobile telecom providers. Based on our extensive knowledge of the market for mobile telephony, Telecompaper was also able to gather information about business users of mobile telecommunication. Using the raw data provided by questionnaires filled in by business users, we were able to determine an average time and cost when companies switch providers and the loss of working ...

EU Mobile Benchmark Q1 2015 - Comparative analysis of mobile packages in 16 European countries

28 Apr 2015

Based originally on an assignment by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Telecompaper published a new version of its EU Mobile Benchmark with data covering the first quarter of 2015. The report provides an unique comparative analysis of mobile packages and prices in multiple European countries. In the original report the analysis was based on over 2,600 mobile packages across 11 European countries. This time we extended our research to over 3,200 plans on offer in 16 European countries, ...

Development of public mobile telecommunication services

21 Mar 2015

The Dutch government organisation Agentschap Telecom is responsible for the distribution of spectrum licenses used for mobile communication. To efficiently play this role, Agentschap Telecom needs data with regards tot the use of mobile communication in the Netherlands and Telecompaper was able to provide this. In particular we gathered information about the availability of different mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G), the use of data, messaging and voice by Dutch consumers and use of newer ...

Consumer behaviour with regards to roaming

12 Feb 2015

Working with international roaming services company, Telecompaper asked consumers in different countries worldwide about their roaming behavior and preferences. Among other things, we asked consumers if they purchase roaming packages when travelling abroad, how much they were willing to pay to be able to use roaming services and how well they were informed about the tariffs when using mobile services in another country. Based on this information we were able to gather useful statistics about ...

Consumer interest in a new OTT proposition

29 Jan 2015

On behalf of an OTT provider Telecompaper used its Consumer Panel to gauge consumer interest in a new proposition for streaming video in the Netherlands. Based on the information in our databases we calculated the average cost and number of channels of a basic tv subscription and asked consumers if they would replace this with the offering of our OTT client. Using a detailed questionnaire we determined exactly why consumers would be willing to terminate their fixed tv subscription in favor of ...

Developments in the DAB+ market in the Netherlands

21 Jan 2015

For the Dutch government organisation Agentschap Telecom, Telecompaper did extensive market research into the current use and future developments of DAB+ in the Netherlands. Among other things, we looked into the availability and sales figures of DAB+ receivers, the coverage of DAB+, the spendings on the promotion of DAB+ and the current use of this radio technology by consumers. We subsequently used this data to extrapolate for the expected future developments and use of DAB+ in the ...

Belgian broadband market developments

12 Jan 2015

For an operator based in Belgium, we made an overview of the developments on the Belgian broadband market with regards to price, broadband speeds and bundling of services for dual and triple play. The overview looks at the years between 2003 and 2014 and includes the products of the largest providers. Telecompaper compiles quarterly reports on the Belgian broadband market and keeps tabs on current developments in Belgium, and so we were able to build on this solid foundation to quickly an ...

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