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Delta most promoted provider in fixed telecom market in Q3

, published: November 2011
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In the fixed telecom market (television, fixed internet and fixed telephony) consumers can subscribe to one, two (dual-play) or three (triple-play) services from a provider. When the Net promoter Score (NPS) of all the fixed services are combined, Delta was the most promoted by its customers in Q3, followed by XS4ALL. These two operators were the only ones to generate positive NPS. XS4ALL still lost promoters compared to the previous quarter, perhaps due to its launch of triple-play services in the quarter. Ziggo also saw a drop in NPS, probably due to bad publicity after it reduced the number of analogue channels in its package. Telfort received the worst NPS of the fixed telecom providers and showed a steep decline in NPS over the three months. All of the bigger operators in the fixed market showed a negative trend in Q3.

Those customers with a triple-play package are, like last quarter, most likely to recommend their providers. Their NPS was -17. In the triple–play market, Delta's customers were the biggest promoters of their provider in Q3, followed at a distance by KPN. XS4ALL was still more promoted by its single-play internet clients.


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Published 08 Nov 2011
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