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Dutch Household Connected 2021 Q1

Report, published: July 2021
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Dutch Household Connected provides insight into the Dutch household with an internet and bundle subscription. It shows which providers and services are used, demographic characteristics, why people have chosen a particular service, etc. 

The report offers providers of digital services insight into various target groups. Almost all Dutch households have a subscription with an internet provider. In addition to internet access, these households often also purchase other services from the same provider. This report seeks to answer the core questions facing the consumer fixed-line broadband market in the Netherlands.

Topics covered include the following

  • Installed Base
    • Internet Provider and Television
    • Television (Y/N + Provider)
    • Fixed Telephony (Y/N + Provider)
  • Purchase
    • Why choose existing broadband provider?
    • Where purchased?
  • Usage
    • Download speed
    • Spend BBTV/BBTVFT
    • Spend MO-HH
  • How long customer with current broadband subscription, intent to churn in the next 24 months
  • Next provider and which services (Television, Fixed Telephony, Mobile) besides broadband are you planning to take.

Splits in this report

The topics above are split for the following insights:

  • Providers (Market + Provider + Network)
    • The largest providers are given, and a split is given for network technology (Cable, DSL, FTTH)
  • Services (Market + FMC + Play + How Long Customer Broadband Provider)
    • FMC or NoFMC is determined from the FMC offers in the market. We determine FMC based on the mobile brand of the respondent
    • Play is number of fixed services, with focus on BB, BBTV and BBTVFT. So TV, FT or TVFT are not included
    • We also include insight on how long the consumer is in contract with the existing broadband provider. A close analysis of these figures highlights trends in behaviour
  • Household (Market + HH + Age)
    • Households are split into couples and single households, with or without children
    • Age is split in various age groups.
  • Housing (Market + Housing + Income)
    • Housing is split in owned, rented, or social housing
    • Income is gross income of household
  • Provinces – Based on postcode information of the respondents. Only used at the installed base broadband and television.

The Connected Household report is published every quarter, comparing the current state of affairs with the situation a year earlier.

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Research Type Survey
Published 21 Jul 2021
Pages 56
File Type PDF
Size 5201kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Broadcast, Fixed, Internet
Topics Market research / news, xDSL, Fibre, Cable, Consumer

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€ 4,350

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