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Dutch Invoice Insight

Data Source, published: March 2014

All mobile operators have excellent knowledge about what their customers are spending on mobile services, messages, and more. But wouldn’t it be valuable to also have a thorough insight into the spending of your competitors' consumers?

Telecompaper has an extensive database with information from actual consumer invoices from the operators: Hi, Telfort, KPN, Vodafone, and T-Mobile. The information includes the complete – anonymous - details from actual invoices, such as access fees and usages. Together these companies have a 90% market share in the postpaid market.

Our database already includes information from more than 240,000 invoices and thousands more are added each month. Information is available from end of 2009 and includes details from more than 18.4 million calls and 29.1 million SMS messages.

Apart from customised research, we also produce a monthly report revealing valuable insight into the monthly bills from the providers Hi, KPN, Telfort, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The report includes:

  • Split installed base subscriptions per provider (stacked graph 100%)
  • Split in calling destination per provider (100%) o.a. landlines, mobile, evening, etc.
  • Insight in number of SMS-message per provider
  • Average call-length per provider
  • Average ARPU + Split in range of ARPU (100%)
  • Average MAF + Split in range of MAF (100%)
  • Average Out-of-Bundle + Split in range of Out-Of-Bundle (100%)
  • Roaming % of Calls (inbound, outbound)

It also provides insight into trends in the installed base of your competitors. For more information on our Invoice Insight services, please contact our sales department, or call us.


Research Type Overview
Published 28 Mar 2014
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Mobile
Topics Wireless, Consumer

Why our clients chose Telecompaper

1. Unique Sources

Over the years we have built up multiple unique sources of information we can use.

2. Customized

We understand your specific business needs and can provide you with customized information.

3. Independent

As a company we operate independently and objectively.

4. Specialized

By our unique focus on the telecommunications industry, we have become specialists in this particular field.

5. Quick results

Using our multiple data sources we are able to quickly provide you with te requested information.

6. Accurate

Our experienced researchers and editors are trained to work fast and accurately.

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