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Dutch Smartphone User - Q2 2011

Report, published: August 2011
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More than four out of ten (42%) Dutch consumers were using a smartphone in the second quarter of 2011, an increase of more than 30 percent compared to the third quarter of 2010 when less than a third of consumers used smartphones (30%).

Similar to a half year ago, smartphone users are most often customers of T-Mobile and Vodafone, followed at a distance by Hi and KPN. However Hi, together with T-Mobile, has the highest penetration of smartphone users in its customer base, according to Telecompaper's second report an Dutch smartphone users. The report 'Dutch Smartphone User 2011-Q2' is based on an online survey of 19,200 Dutch consumers during Q2 2011 and compares the data with the previous three quarters.

The report 'Dutch Smartphone User 2011-Q2' gives insight into the differences between the smartphone user and the normal phone user as well as information on the total mobile market (15-65 year-olds). Where relevant the smartphone user in Q2 is compared to the previous quarters. The report gives detailed information on the consumer demographics, handset brands and operating systems, service providers, types of subscriptions, where the mobile connection is bought and usage of apps and SMS.

This report discusses topics similar to two previous reports from Telecompaper on the Dutch Mobile Consumer. These reports give information on the total mobile phone market. The first report focuses on the differences among service providers and the second on the differences among handset brands used. These reports are available for Q1 2011 and will be available later this year for Q3 2011.

This report is based on the responses of 19,200 respondents from our Telecompaper Consumer Panel during the period April – July 2011. In the report data from the previous three quarters are also shown where relevant. Results are CBS stratified for gender and age (15-64). Every month, we ask at least 2,000 consumers from our panel about their use of mobile telephony, broadband connections, fixed telephony and TV, including details on their current situation, purchasing habits, usage and churn.


Research Type Survey
Published 04 Aug 2011
Pages 37
File Type PDF
Size 370kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Mobile
Topics Market research / news, Wireless, Research
Companies Apple, BlackBerry, Hi, HTC, KPN, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Tele2, Telfort, T-Mobile, Vodafone

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