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Dutch Tablet User - Q2 2011

Report, published: August 2011
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Around 8 percent of Dutch households owned a tablet computer by the end of the second quarter of 2011. This is an increase of 100% compared to six months ago when 4% owned a tablet. These figures come from the first edition of the Dutch Tablet User report, based on the second quarter of 2011. The second edition will appear in six months.
These first tablet users are clearly the innovators and early adopters: they are more frequently male than female, younger than those without a tablet, and with a higher education and income. Households use tablets an average of eight hours per week and in sixty percent of the time, tablets are used at home. It is striking that women seem to use tablets more to play games and men more for social networking.
Apple is the tablet market leader followed by Samsung and Archos. A majority of tablet users do not have a paid internet subscription for their tablet. Vodafone, T-Mobile en KPN have an equal market share among tablet owners with a paid internet subscription. Tablet owners with a prepaid mobile broadband subscription outnumber laptop or PC users with a mobile broadband subscription. Tablet users spend on average a little over 2 EUR per month on applications.
The Telecompaper Consumer Panel measured tablet penetration in households from Q3 2010. In April 2011 detailed questions about usage and tablet features were added to the panel. In the second quarter of 2011, more than 7,300 respondents participated in our study, with 700 of these possessing a tablet. In the Telecompaper Consumer panel, at least 2,000 consumers are asked on a monthly basis about their use of mobile telephony, broadband connections, fixed telephony and TV, including details over their current situation, purchasing habits, usage and churn. Results are CBS stratified for gender and age (15-64).

The following topics are included in the first report 'Dutch Tablet User'
- Socio demographic (Age, Gender, Education, Gross Family Income, Living Situation, Daily Occupation).
- Installed base per brand
- Paid internet subscription
- Awareness of network connections
- Memory storage
- Provider internet access
- Prepaid or postpaid MBB connection
- Who pays the tablet MBB bill
- Spending on apps for tablet per month
- Reasons tablets get used
- Usage in hours per week
- Places tablets get used
- Private or Business tablet usage

For the socio-demographic information, tablet users are compared to non-tablet users and tablet users in Q2 2011 are compared to those in Q1 2011 and Q4 2010. For the other graphs the total for Q2 2011 is shown and (when relevant and possible) a split by gender, age (15-29, 30-39, 40-40, 50-64) and heavy (use more than 9 hours a week) vs. light user.


Research Type Survey
Published 17 Aug 2011
Pages 25
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Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions General, Mobile
Topics Market research / news, Consumer devices/equipment, Bluetooth, Wireless, Research
Companies Acer, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Dell EMC, Hi, HP, HTC, KPN, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Tele2, Telfort, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Vodafone

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