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Europe catches up with Asia on 50+ Mbps coverage

, published: October 2011
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Telecompaper has updated its research from last year showing the top ten countries with the highest percentage of households having the possibility to order broadband services with bandwidths of more than 50 Mbps. We looked at three technologies that are currently able to offer 50+ Mbps and have large coverage: FTTH, Eurodocsis 3.0 and VDSL2. In comparison with the ranking from 2010, Lithuania is the only new entrant in the top ten, increasing its coverage by 28 percent to a current 91 percent, replacing fellow Baltic state Estonia. Nine countries in the top ten offer cable and FTTH for 50+ Mbps with Denmark and the Netherlands also providing VDSL. Slovenia is the only country offering FTTH and VDSL as technologies for 50 Mbps in the top ten. When looking at European countries only, the Netherlands is still frontrunner with 95 percent coverage, closely followed by Denmark, Slovenia and Lithuania with more than 90 percent. Switzerland is the new entrant with 62 percent coverage driven by cable operator UPC Cablecom's effort to upgrade its network to Eurodocsis 3.0 and Swisscom's partnerships with local utilities to deploy FTTH. Belgium saw its coverage decrease 3 percent as Telenet's network upgrade pace was slower than the growth of households. For the future, Telecompaper keeps an eye on developments in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany, the UK, as well as the US, China and Russia, even though the latter countries need a much higher growth pace to reach 50+ Mbps coverage levels comparable to the top ten countries since their number of households is much higher.


Research Type Overview
Published 11 Oct 2011
Pages 4
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Geographic Scope    Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom
Editions Internet
Topics xDSL, Fibre, Cable, Internet Access, Consumer
Companies Swisscom, Telenet, UPC Cablecom

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