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FTTH in the Netherlands 2018

Report, published: July 2018
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The report, FTTH in the Netherlands 2018, describes the current state of the market with detailed information on each province, and position, strategy and most important developments at key network owners and service providers. It includes our expectations for the 2018-2022 period. 

For this annual FTTH report, we conducted interviews with various market participants. Several major and new players are presented and there are brief discussions on a number of hot issues in the (international) broadband and FTTH markets.

  • Chapter 1: Executive summary.
  • Chapter 2: Competitive landscape. This chapter provides insights on research about the international fiber market and the Dutch fixed broadband market, offering a comparative framework for developments in the Netherlands. 
  • Chapter 3: Dutch FTTH market. This chapter contains analysis of the key market indicators for the Dutch fibre market. Figures are provided on the number of homes passed and homes activated. It also contains our estimates for the period to 2021.
  • Chapter 4: Facts & Figures per province 
  • Chapter 5: In this chapter we describe the position, strategy and most important developments at key network owners, including KPN, EQT and E-Fiber. 
  • Chapter 6: The most important developments at key service providers.
  • Chapter 7: Market trends and dynamics impacting the FTTH sector.

Each year, since 2008, Telecompaper publishes its FTTH report, analyzing the Dutch fibre to the home market. Our FTTH database, called the Telecompaper FTTH Monitor, contains all local and regional FTTH projects in the Netherlands on a detailed scale.

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Research Type Analysis
Published 19 Jul 2018
Pages 52
File Type PDF
Size 2508kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Fixed
Topics Market research / news, Fibre

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€ 5,950

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