Interest in leasing a handset

Chart, published: December 2012
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This chart shows consumer interest in leasing a mobile phone and why they may or may not lease a mobile phone in the near future.  Some Dutch providers recently stopped offering subsidies on handsets and instead offer the option to lease a mobile handset. Source: Telecompaper Consumer Panel. 

 This chart includes three figures.

  • The first shows the answer to the question: "Currently a few providers offer the possibility of leasing a mobile phone. When you lease a mobile phone, the handset is still owned by the telecom provider and at the end of your contract, you can choose to buy the handset (for the residual value) or give it back to the provider. Damage caused by normal usage (and technical malfunctions) is covered by the telecom provider, damage that is self-inflicted (e.g. loss or theft is not included in the service). Per month you pay a separate fee to use the handset. Do you plan to lease a mobile phone in the next half year?” People could answer with 'I already lease', 'yes', 'no', don't know'. The survey data is from October and November 2012 (n=4,520).
  • The second figure shows the answer to the question "Can you indicate why you intend to lease?" People could answer with ‘Because it offers a replacement handset if yours is broken’, ‘I can choose a new handset each year (or every two years)’, ‘I can decide how much I pay a month’, ‘I don't have the money to pay for a handset all at once’, ‘I like to keep the option to buy a handset open’, ‘I think a lease contract would be cheaper’, ‘Transparency - you know what you've paid for your handset. The cost is not included in the package price’, ‘Other reason’. (n=104)
  • The third figure shows the answer to the question "Can you indicate why you do not intend to lease a mobile phone?" People could answer with I am already locked into a contract for the next half year’, ‘I don't want a new mobile phone in the next half year’, ‘I don't want to be locked into another contract’, ‘I think leasing would be more expensive’, ‘I'd rather have a handset that I completely own’, ‘Not all providers offer a lease contract’, ‘Too much small print in a lease contract’, ‘Other reason’. (n=3,586)


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Published 10 Dec 2012
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