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Company Profile, published: February 2018
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This company profile analyses M7 Netherlands, a provider of satellite and IPTV services, as well as broadband and fixed telephony in the Netherlands. The company uses three brands for its broadband activities, Online.nl, Fiber Netherlands and Stipte; and the Canal Digitaal brand for satellite TV. This report contains information on M7's current position and strategy, gives an overview of its infrastructure and product portfolio, and looks at the market in which M7's brands operate and its competitors. Furthermore the profile reports on M7's marketing activities, including its customer strategy. Lastly the profile contains Telecompaper's SWOT analysis of M7.


Research Type Overview
Published 23 Feb 2018
Pages 13
File Type PDF
Size 856kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Broadcast, Fixed, Internet
Topics Voice services, Data services, Television, Distribution, xDSL, Finance, VoIP, Messaging, Fibre, Broadcast, Consumer, Enterprise, Satellite
Companies Canal Digitaal, Fiber Nederland, M7 Group, Online.nl, Stipte

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