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Mobile broadband for tablets: Italy most expensive on average per month, Netherlands most expensive per GB

, published: January 2013
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The success of Apple's iPad and subsequent tablets by other manufacturers has led to new tariff plans for mobile broadband, namely packages specifically sold for the iPad or tablets in general. This research brief analyses operators' data service plans for iPads and tablets in 16 Western European countries during the fourth quarter of 2012. The results show that the total number of packages has decreased further, as more operators are offering mobile broadband plans irrespective of the type of device used. Within the specific tablet offerings, volume-based plans remain the norm, and prepaid still only accounts for 22 percent of the market. The most common data allowance continues to be 'unlimited' (although often with a speed reduction after a certain amount of data has been used), followed by an allowance of 2GB. Based on the average monthly price, the Italian operators charge the most, followed by those in Spain and the UK. Based on an average cost per GB, the Netherlands is the most expensive country, followed by Belgium and Greece. Contrary to the mobile broadband packages for notebooks/laptops, there is hardly any difference in the specific tablet plans for consumers and businesses. We expect more and more operators to include their tablet offerings in their general mobile broadband offering, leading to fewer and fewer specific iPad/tablet packages on the market.


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