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Need for Speed 2013

Report, published: May 2013
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This report investigates the possibilities of DSL, HFC, PON and P2P fibre to meet expected consumer bandwidth demand for 3-5 years. It  starts with a discussion of some of the public models and studies that are frequently referenced when discussing future bandwidth demand. After reviewing the bandwidth requirements of various types of internet services, we then develop our own usage-based demand forecast. In the second part of this report we assess four main access technologies’ ability to accommodate such demand, taking into account specific characteristics of a technology such as its shared nature or distance dependency. This assessment also addresses how technology upgrades may come to improve these technologies’ ability to handle future bandwidth demand. This report is a joint effort by Telecompaper and its partner XS Insight.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Methodology
  • Chapter 3 Executive summary
  • Chapter 4 Bandwidth demand
  • Chapter 5 A usage-based demand forecast
  • Chapter 6 Consequences for access technologies
  • Appendix A Fibre Transition Model by XS Insight


Research Type Overview
Published 02 May 2013
Pages 46
File Type PDF
Size 1660kb
Geographic Scope    World
Editions Fixed, Internet
Topics Market research / news, Data services, xDSL, LLU, Fibre, Cable, Internet Access
Companies Cisco, Nielsen, Sandvine, Telecompaper, XS Insight

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€ 1,950

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