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NPS monitor

Data Source, published: July 2017

We continuously measure NPS (recommendation levels) for all the mobile and triple-play providers in our Consumer Insights-panel. Around 4,800 mobile customers and 3,000 triple-play subscribers are questioned every quarter. Alongside the NPS scores, we split the data in the monitor in three groups: promotors, passives and detractors. 

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The NPS-monitor is online available via visualisations tool Tableau. Results of a completed quarter/month are uploaded within days. NPS can be analysed according to provider, as well as based on differences between men/women, six age groups, post- vs. prepaid,  high vs. low spend, type/brand of phone, household make-up, income levels and postcode.

Score reasons

After customers give their provider a NPS, we ask them why. Those who didn’t recommend a provider are asked why not, those who did recommend a provider are asked to give their reasons. They can choose up to five of the following reasons:

For mobile:

  • Monthly costs
  • Out-of-bundle costs
  • International tariffs
  • Price-quality ratio
  • Benefits from bundling with other services (TV, internet and fixed telephony)
  • Contract duration
  • Contract flexibility (more/less minutes/MB)
  • Subscription components
  • Extra services
  • Connection/coverage quality
  • Billing
  • Mobile provider’s communication (information)
  • Offers and promotions
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Response to service disruptions or complaints
  • I never recommend things
  • Don’t know

For triple play:

  • Price
  • Offering & subscriptions
  • Reliability
  • Connection quality and coverage
  • Billing
  • Quality of included equipment
  • Communication and information provided
  • Offers & promotions
  • Reputation
  • Innovative, new
  • Customer service
  • Availability/costs of customer service
  • Employee engagement (e.g. meeting appointments, customer friendliness, flexibility)
  • Technical support
  • Response to service disruptions and complaints
  • Don’t know

Churn intention

All customers are also asked about their intentions to churn. For example with mobile, we can look at whether young people churn quicker than older customers, what the relationship is between NPS and churn intentions and whether some providers can expect a high outflow of customers. 

Small providers also included

To ensure that small providers can also benchmark their performance with the bigger players, additional customers are recruited externally to fill in the survey. The aim is to include 250 such customers for each measurement. Customers of small providers complete the same survey as those of the other triple-play and mobile providers. The results are added to the monitor, using two methods:

  1. Customers of the small provider are contacted directly through the provider’s customer base. 
  2. Our panel supplier can contact additional customers. 


Research Type Overview
Published 13 Jul 2017
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Broadcast, Economic, Fixed, Internet, Mobile
Topics Consumer

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