By collecting data from various sources, such as our Consumer Panel and Mobile Tracker, we are able to continuously track short and long term trends in the telecommunications market. With this information we compile different kinds of reports about various subjects, spread out across different markets and countries. This research can provide you with the data you need to support your business.

These reports come in various shapes and sizes, such as research briefs, quarterly reports, competitive updates, promotions updates and regularly updated company profiles. Subjects covered are, for example, the Dutch FTTH market, the pricing of mobile packages across Europe, the pricing of broadband in Western Europe and international roaming habits.

Below you can find a complete list of the research reports we have published. If you need a customized answer, please consult the Custom Research page.

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Netherlands ranks third in 50+Mbps coverage in Europe, fourth globally

09 Apr 2013 - RB21311 - Brief - Marion ter Welle - Internet

Telecompaper has updated its global research on the penetration of broadband services able to deliver over 50 Mbps. The country rankings are based on three widely-deployed technologies able to offer 50+ Mbps: FTTH, Docsis 3.0 and VDSL2. Since our last report on 2011, we have extended our rankings to include the top fifteen countries in terms of coverage. The only country with 100 percent coverage is Andorra, followed by several with 99 percent. The Netherlands now shares fourth place with 97 ...

Europe catches up with Asia on 50+ Mbps coverage

11 Oct 2011 - RB21129 - Brief - Kamiel Albrecht, Marion ter Welle - Internet

Telecompaper has updated its research from last year showing the top ten countries with the highest percentage of households having the possibility to order broadband services with bandwidths of more than 50 Mbps. We looked at three technologies that are currently able to offer 50+ Mbps and have large coverage: FTTH, Eurodocsis 3.0 and VDSL2. In comparison with the ranking from 2010, Lithuania is the only new entrant in the top ten, increasing its coverage by 28 percent to a current 91 percent, ...

Netherlands still top in Europe with most homes passed by 50+Mbps

16 Nov 2010 - RB21035 - Brief - Kamiel Albrecht, Marion ter Welle - Internet

Telecompaper has updated its research from last year showing the top ten countries with the highest percentage of households capable of broadband at 50Mbps or higher (percentage of homes passed). The Netherlands has been surpassed by three Asian countries (South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong) and now ranks fourth globally, but remains the leader amongst European countries. Japan now ranks fifth. The last five include two newcomers from Eastern Europe, Slovenia and Estonia. The last country on ...

Netherlands most homes passed with 50+Mbps

08 Sep 2009 - RB29023 - Brief - Kamiel Albrecht, Marion ter Welle - Internet

Telecompaper has researched which countries have the highest percentage of households capable of having internet connections at 50Mbps or higher, i.e. the percentage of homes passed. Thanks to a nationwide cable network, the Netherlands ranks first on the list, followed by Japan and South Korea, all with percentages of homes passed above 80%. Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong and Taiwan form the second group with more than 50% of homes passed. The ranking is complemented by Portugal, Norway and ...

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