By collecting data from various sources, such as our Consumer Panel and Mobile Tracker, we are able to continuously track short and long term trends in the telecommunications market. With this information we compile different kinds of reports about various subjects, spread out across different markets and countries. This research can provide you with the data you need to support your business.

These reports come in various shapes and sizes, such as research briefs, quarterly reports, competitive updates, promotions updates and regularly updated company profiles. Subjects covered are, for example, the Dutch FTTH market, the pricing of mobile packages across Europe, the pricing of broadband in Western Europe and international roaming habits.

Below you can find a complete list of the research reports we have published. If you need a customized answer, please consult the Custom Research page.

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Global Connected TV 2011

12 Apr 2011 - CTV2011 - Report - Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Internet, Satellite

Our Global Connected TV 2011 report ('An Operator Guide to Connected TV') provides an overview of the next-generation TV market dynamics. Connected TV is 'where broadcast meets broadband' and provides the end-user with an enhanced TV experience. We take a look at the different flavours of Smart TV or IPTV 2.0, as it is often called, and examine the value chain. Drivers and inhibitors are put side by side, as are the threats and opportunities for cable and telco operators. Finally, we have ...

Type of primary TV set and number within households, split per provider

12 Dec 2008 - CH28016 - Chart - - Broadcast, Satellite

This chart shows the share of number of television sets used on a daily basis within one household, and the share of type of television set (normal, flatscreen, HD Ready, Full HD), split for the providers Ziggo, CanalDigital, Delta, Digitenne, KPN, Tele2 and UPC. The period covered is June-November 2008. Market is defined as the sum of the listed ...

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