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By collecting data from various sources, such as our Consumer Panel and Mobile Tracker, we are able to continuously track short and long term trends in the telecommunications market. With this information we compile different kinds of reports about various subjects, spread out across different markets and countries. This research can provide you with the data you need to support your business.

These reports come in various shapes and sizes, such as research briefs, quarterly reports, competitive updates, promotions updates and regularly updated company profiles. Subjects covered are, for example, the Dutch FTTH market, the pricing of mobile packages across Europe, the pricing of broadband in Western Europe and international roaming habits.

Below you can find a complete list of the research reports we have published. If you need a customized answer, please consult the Custom Research page.

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2012: FTTH versus cable, mobile newcomers, enhanced TV services

12 Jan 2012 - RB21202 - Brief - Alejandra van de Roer, Bart Garvelink, Ed Achterberg, Erik Compter, Kamiel Albrecht, Maarten van Vliet, Tim Poulus, Tine Niezink - Broadcast, Fixed, General, Internet, Mobile

In this research brief Telecompaper looks at expected developments in the Dutch telecom market during 2012. The focus is on Dutch players and their activities on the consumer market plus the most important international developments expected to influence the Dutch market. The mobile market will be busy with the spectrum auction, which will be held in the autumn, tariff structure changes and the battle among smartphone manufacturers. We offer our views about possible consolidation as well as ...

Net Neutrality

15 Nov 2011 - RB21133 - Brief - Tim Poulus - General

Net neutrality is a complicated subject, and in this Research Brief, we consider some of the concept's implications. We also look at some of the reasons why operators may resist net neutrality regulation. The mobile internet is largely left out of this Brief, due to the different characteristics of mobile networks and because the mobile internet, mostly based on apps, differs considerably from the fixed-line based internet experience and ...

Dutch mobile spectrum map to be redrawn in 2011

24 Dec 2010 - RB21040 - Brief - Bart Garvelink - Mobile

The Netherlands government has outlined the long term policy for mobile spectrum licensing, with a large auction set for 2011 or 2012. This Research Brief describes the goals, available spectrum bands and conditions.The spectrum licences of Dutch mobile operators will be redistributed in a major auction in late 2011 or early 2012, setting the market landscape to 2030. The 'digital dividend', all the 900 and 1800 MHz licences and parts of the 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands will be auctioned. Four ...

Stimulus packages set to speed up NGA roll-out

27 Mar 2009 - RB29009 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Fixed, Internet, Mobile

Amid financial chaos and GDP contraction worldwide, libertarian views are challenged, paving the way for increased government involvement in the roll-out of broadband networks. Several countries are planning next-generation access (NGA) network subsidies, which could imply intensified open access regulation. Stimulus packages are aimed at rural or nationwide broadband accessibility, and open access regulation could be central to applications, especially in the US. In this brief, we give an ...

Dutch Telecom Predictions 2009

23 Dec 2008 - RB28041 - Brief - Alejandra van de Roer, Ed Achterberg, Kamiel Albrecht, Tim Poulus - Broadcast, Fixed, General, Internet, Mobile

The new year promises to be an eventful one. The fixed market will see FTTH become an established participant in broadband and triple play services markets. On the mobile front, it is the 2.6 GHz band auction that may change the landscape by allowing two new entrants to shake up the current oligopolistic three-player market. In this brief we will discuss both issues, as well as a number of other events in the Dutch consumer telecoms market, from a company point of view, as well as from a ...

KPN best performing European telecom stock in 2008

11 Dec 2008 - RB28039 - Brief - Tim Poulus - General

The global financial crisis, which started in the summer of 2007, has left deep marks on stock prices around the world. Many financial companies have lost over half their market value, and few, if any, other sectors have been spared. The telecom sector traditionally counts as an investor safe haven during economically turbulent times, and our assessment shows certain stocks, especially incumbent operators, have outperformed the broader market. KPN was the top performer for the sector. The ...