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By collecting data from various sources, such as our Consumer Panel and Mobile Tracker, we are able to continuously track short and long term trends in the telecommunications market. With this information we compile different kinds of reports about various subjects, spread out across different markets and countries. This research can provide you with the data you need to support your business.

These reports come in various shapes and sizes, such as research briefs, quarterly reports, competitive updates, promotions updates and regularly updated company profiles. Subjects covered are, for example, the Dutch FTTH market, the pricing of mobile packages across Europe, the pricing of broadband in Western Europe and international roaming habits.

Below you can find a complete list of the research reports we have published. If you need a customized answer, please consult the Custom Research page.

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Do you intend to buy a tablet in the next six months?

11 May 2011 - CH21110 - Chart - Tine Niezink - Internet, Mobile

The chart includes three graphs, that all derive from the same question: Do you intend to buy a tablet in the next six months? The graph in the middle divides the Dutch consumers over the following three categories: Those who do not intent to buy a tablet in the coming six months, those who do intent to buy a tablet in that time period and those who do not know what a tablet is. Answers from the fourth category 'don't know' are excluded from the graph. In one of the other two graphs is shown ...

Reaction to speed increase by Internet service provider for same price

21 Jan 2011 - CH21102 - Chart - Tine Niezink - Internet

This chart shows what people would do if their Internet service provider would up the speed of their subscription. Would they downgrade or not take any action. More than 3,000 Dutch consumers have been questioned. Survey period July - December ...

Western European Mobile M2M Market

17 May 2010 - WM2M2010 - Report - Alejandra van de Roer, Marion ter Welle - Mobile

The scope of this report is to give an overview of the mobile M2M market, as that is the segment of the M2M market in Western Europe that is showing the most traction both from the demand and supply sides. The report gives an overview of the market, including its trends, drivers and inhibitors. Next it describes the most relevant regulations in Western Europe and the activities of the regulators in Europe, followed by a section on the value chain and how it is changing. Subsequently there is a ...

ODF access may kick start FTTH in the Netherlands

23 Apr 2009 - RB29013 - Brief - Tim Poulus - Fixed, Internet

Telecommunications markets are moving on from DSL, based on MDF access services, to SDF access for VDSL and ODF access for FTTH. In the Netherlands, the market is awaiting finalisation of the regulation of FTTH. ODF access regulation will create intramodal competition on newly created FTTH ...