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Smart Home Netherlands 2017

Report, published: October 2017
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This is the second edition of Telecompaper's report on the state of the Smart Home industry in the Netherlands. The report describes the current state of the Smart Home market in the Netherlands and looks ahead at how the market may develop in the coming years. It is the fruit of interviews with key players in the market and extensive desk research, enhanced with data from a range of Telecompaper sources, such as the Telecompaper Consumer Panel and our comprehensive news database on all TMT matters. 

Why buy the report?

The report is invaluable for anyone with a need to know all the relevant data and trends on the Dutch Smart Home market. It provides comprehensive insight into the latest ownerships trends, the obstacles to be overcome and the factors driving the market forward.

Table of Content

The report is set up as follows:

  • Chapter 3: Introduction.
  • Chapter 4: Executive summary.
  • Chapter 5: What is Smart Home? Definition and overview of the value chain
  • Chapter 6: Fragmentation on the supply side. A look at the different technologies used in Smart Home products and the interoperability issues caused by the fragmentation in the market, followed by an overview of the leading players and their products in the main Smart Home segments
  • Chapter 7: Delivering the Smart Home. We examine how Smart Home products are delivered into the home. We discuss the main players: network operators, retailers, insurers and energy companies
  • Chapter 8: Smart Home adoption still low. We take a look at which Smart Home products Dutch consumers currently own, and why they bought them, as well as how they compare to some of their European counterparts. Lastly we look at the main issues driving or impeding the uptake
  • Chapter 9: Dutch consumers to adopt Smart Home, but slowly. Based on our Telecompaper Consumer Panel we show what consumers indicate they are likely to buy as well as their take on issues such as price and privacy.  
  • Chapter 10: We look at the potential issues with connectivity inside the home and what the main drivers and inhibitors are for the next five years

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Research Type Overview
Published 24 Oct 2017
Pages 47
File Type PDF
Size 2709kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Internet, Mobile
Topics Market research / news, Technology development, Data services, Wi-Fi, Security, 3G, Wireline, Consumer, HSPA, LTE, Research

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€ 995

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