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Swiss fibre roll-out picks up speed, driven by Swisscom

, published: February 2012
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This Research Brief provides an overview of the developments on the Swiss fibre market since October 2009 when Telecompaper published Switzerland deploys FTTx in orderly manner. The Swiss utilities and Swisscom have continued their plans started in 2009 to (jointly) deploy FTTH networks with four fibres for each household/building around the country. They used the FTTH roundtable conferences organised by the Swiss federal telecommunications office Bakom to develop joint infrastructure coordination and a FTTH customer platform. At the same time, Swiss cartel office Weko has investigated the cooperation agreements between the utilities and Swisscom and found that they need changes. This decision led to a short delay in roll-out as the parties needed to rewrite their agreements, but Swisscom was already able to sign new agreements for Basel, Bern and Lucerne. The operator also continues to roll-out fibre networks in municipalities without an agreement with the local utility, which has led to some network duplication in smaller cities.


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Published 27 Feb 2012
Pages 9
File Type PDF
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Geographic Scope    Switzerland
Editions Fixed
Topics Market research / news, Fibre
Companies AMB, Ewb, EWL, EWZ, IWB, Mygate, Salt Mobile, Sgsw, Stadtwerke Winterthur, Sunrise, Swisscom, UPC Cablecom

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