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Telecompaper Handset Database

Data Source, published: April 2016

The Telecompaper Handset Database provides a unique overview and insight into all the mobile phones and smartphones released since 1999 and technical details on all the most important tablets launched since 2010. The database includes:

  • Over 300 diffierent technical specifications per handset. For a complete overview of the details provided, email us.
  • Information on 5,500 phones, smartphones and tablets (as of April 2016)
  • Five unique selling points (USPs) per device, both in key word and sentence format
  • Short (around 30-word) and long (100-150 word) descriptions of the devices
  • Product images suitable for online publication (600 x 600 pixels, 72 dpi)

An example of the database can be found at www.gsmhelpdesk.nl

Daily updates

The Telecompaper Handset Database is updated daily with new products and new specifications, making it one of the most comprehensive resources on the market for the latest market developments. New features and specifications on smartphones and tablets are added regularly to the database, including updates for previously released devices. Data on the latest smartphones and tablets is available in the Telecompaper Handset Database within hours of the official announcement.

Potential use cases

The Telecompaper Handset Database is highly optimised and standardised, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • Retail database
    Major retailers and e-tailers use the product specifications, USPs and descriptions for their own customer information. The information, text and images are used for product pages, recommendation and comparison systems as well as marketing materials and brochures. The database content can be delivered in customised format, such as XML, CSV or API calls.
  • Research and analysis
    The depth and reach of the Telecompaper Handset Database makes it an outstanding resource for research and analysis of market trends and developments and outlining the compatibility of various products and services.
  • Enhancing Telecompaper Consumer Panel data
    The Telecompaper Handset Database can provide further information and context for trends and research results from the Telecompaper Consumer Panel.
  • Advice and comparisons
    The structure and high optimisation of the database makes it suitable for handling the most complex queries, so the database can be used to support detailed recommendation, sales and comparison systems.


Cusomised reports using data in the Telecompaper Handset Database are available on request to meet a wide range of needs. Online access to the Telecompaper Handset Database can be provided via the customer portal, and data from the database also can be provided in API form or as a data feed.

We welcome your queries for further information on the database.


Research Type Overview
Published 01 Apr 2016
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Mobile
Topics Handsets

Why our clients chose Telecompaper

1. Unique Sources

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As a company we operate independently and objectively.

4. Specialized

By our unique focus on the telecommunications industry, we have become specialists in this particular field.

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Our experienced researchers and editors are trained to work fast and accurately.

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