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Word of Mouth

Data Source, published: May 2016

Recommendations from friends, family or colleagues play an increasingly important role in the process of signing up for a certain telecom provider or acquiring a mobile phone. In 2014 Telecompaper introduced a score that indicates the positive Word of Mouth (WoM) from current customers for a provider or handset. The WoM score helps inform businesses and consumers about which products and services are recommended.

Telecompaper calculates WoM scores for three types of product:

  • Postpaid mobile providers
  • Triple-play providers
  • Handset models

The WoM score is a good indication of how customers think about a product or service. It is similar to user reviews, but simplified as a number between 0 and 100 percent. This percentage indicates what share of customers would recommend a product or service to others. Whereas user reviews are not always objective or can be out of date, the WoM score is a reliable indicator, as the scores of the past six months are taken into account. This means any changes in the network, customer service, product offers etc. will have a direct effect on the WoM score. Furthermore, the score is based on the average "man on the street" rather than a few individuals, eliminating the problem of only very positive or very negative user reviews.

The WoM score is based on the NPS market research question by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel and adds up the scores of 8, 9 and 10*. WoM scores are based on data from the previous six months, with all scores given the same weight. The scores are weighted by gender, age and education (according to CBS figures).

Marketing campaigns

Twice a year, in April and October, Telecompaper announces the three winners in the three categories. In addition, a ranking of WoM scores of all providers and handset models will be published. This data along with a logo developed by Telecompaper can be used in your campaigns and marketing. For example:

  • Most recommended provider in the past six months
  • X% of customers recommend Y

Internal usage

The WoM data is updated regularly and can be provided on a monthly basis for internal use, in order to benchmark performance with the competition and gauge the impact of commercial efforts. There is an additional option to gain further insights into the reasons behind the positive and negative scores. If you are interested in receiving the monthly overviews or want to use the WoM scores in a campaign, please contact us for more information.

Below please find some examples of WoM scores.


* NPS question: How likely is it that you would recommend your [mobile/fixed provider, mobile phone or tablet] to a friend, relative or colleague? Answers range from 10 to 0, where 10 means you would certainly recommend the provider/device, 0 that you definitely would not recommend it and 5 means you are neutral.


Research Type Overview
Published 18 May 2016
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Fixed, General, Internet, Mobile, Wireless
Topics Wireless

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