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Working From Home 2020 Q4

Report, published: January 2021
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Our first edition of the report 'Working From Home in the Netherlands' is out! Do you want to know everything about work from home in the Netherlands?

  • Whether the Dutch use Teams, Zoom or Skype?
  • And which telecoms provider they use?
  • How much they work from home and how much they plan to work from home after the pandemic?
  • What challenges remote workers and employers face now and in the future in regards to security and health and welfare of the employees?

This and many more topics are discussed in this brand new report, which gives a detailed account of the current WFH situation and sketches the most important trends for the future.It is a must-read for anyone trying to understand the current WFH phenomenon and how it impacts both employees and employers and is crucial for those who want to be prepared for what is to come after the COVID-19 crisis.

Telecoms operators will be interested because the report details the needs for connectivity. Employers across many sectors will need to know about the conditions of WFH and how they can be optimised in terms of equipment, furniture, compensations and more. Many important market players are discussed, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, KPN, VodafoneZiggo, T-Mobile, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Citrix and Cisco.

More insights?

The report will be published quarterly, with updated survey results from the TP Insights consumer panel. We always strive to make our reports as complete as possible. However, if you feel like certain information is missing, please contact us! We have a thorough data set on our survey participants and are always happy to help and provide additional information.

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Research Type Survey
Published 21 Jan 2021
Pages 45
File Type PDF
Size 1038kb
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Fixed, General, Internet, Mobile
Topics Market research / news, Applications / Software / IT, Voice services, Security, Storage, Wireline, Wireless, Internet Access, Broadcast, Consumer, Enterprise
Companies Cisco, Citrix, Dropbox, Google, KPN, Microsoft, Skype, T-Mobile, VodafoneZiggo, Zoom

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€ 1,350

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