Calendar: 26 Nov 2014 - 26 Dec 2014

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The most important dates for upcoming telecom market updates.

Date Duration Type Title Description
26 Nov Research published Dutch Fixed Telephony Q3 2014
27 Nov Financial figures Orange Switzerland Q3 2014
28 Nov Financial figures Portugal Telecom Q3 2014
01 Dec Event Mobile Payments Latin America Summit 2014
02 Dec Event Big Data Europe Congress 2014 Co-located with Public Sector Cloud World Forum 2014
02 Dec Event Location and Context World
02 Dec 2 days Event Digital Asia New Ways to Innovate & Grow in The Digital World, leveraging Mobile, Cloud and Big Data.
02 Dec 2 days Event SDN & NFV Asia
02 Dec 2 days Event Carrier Ethernet APAC
03 Dec Event Wholesale Messaging and SMS World
07 Dec 3 days Event ITU Telecom World 2014 Join us in “Confronting the Future”; sharing knowledge, networking, exploring growth prospects and future opportunities for the ICT sector
09 Dec Analyst meeting Middle East Smart Gov Summit
09 Dec Analyst meeting Broadcom Analyst Day
09 Dec 2 days Event Safe Cities
09 Dec 2 days Event Carrier Network Virtualization
12 Dec Analyst meeting Tele2 Analyst Meeting
16 Dec 2 days Event Web RTC

37% of plans in 16 European countries include more than 2GB
Western Europe  |  2014 Q3