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With our detailed knowledge of the industry we are able to help you with any telecom related question you may have, big or small. Our researchers and analysts continuously review the market and are able to provide you with the information you are looking for. We can also support your own research, for example by providing you with a specific data set.

With our extensive databases of global telecom news (going back to 1993), numerous research reports and for the Dutch Market our Consumer Panel, we are able to provide you with the required need-to-know information and market insight. If you e-mail us your question, we will provide you with a quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@telecompaper.com

Below you can find a selection of client research we have completed.


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Telia wins Ramirent mobile phone management contract

10 Feb 2015

Telia said it has won a contract from construction machinery and plant hire company Ramirent to manage its mobile telephones. The Swedish operator said Remirent has selected the Telia mobility Management service, Device Management. Telia will oversee Ramirent's approximately 600 mobile devices and ensure that its staff will have secure access to mobile applications and data. Ramirent already uses Telia for its mobile, fixed telephony and broadband requirements. The machinery rental company has ...

4G business models

09 Oct 2014

An international operator asked Telecompaper to perform an analysis of the various business models and strategies used for rolling out 4G services. Telecompaper determined a number of different strategies and compared the business models of the MNOs in six European countries in terms of type of strategy used, 4G and quad play availability, any differences between incumbents and mobile -only players, uptake of 4G products and the strategies of international ...

Number of subscribers to internet, fixed telephony and/or television per city

24 Sep 2014

A global consulting firm wanted to gain insight into the Dutch consumer market for low-end packages, to determine if the arrival of Netflix and the economic crisis had changed the behaviour of Dutch consumers. In particular they asked for the number of subscribers to internet, fixed telephony and/or television per city, the speed of the internet connection and the monthly spending on this. Telecompaper was able to provide all of this information thanks to data from its Consumer ...

Insight into mobile customers and customer satisfaction

11 Aug 2014

A provider of mobile telecommunications in the Netherlands asked Telecompaper to give insight into its customer base. Among other things the client wanted to know why its customers had chosen a particular mobile offering, how satisfied they were with it, if the subscription was used to complement or replace another mobile subscription as well as the brand image of the company. The provider used this information to better address and target its existing and future customer ...

Influence of product offering on consumer behaviour

10 Jun 2014

Telecompaper was asked by an international programming and production company to better understand how its offering for the Dutch market could be used to influence customer behaviour. Can the offering be used to persuade customers to switch providers or subscribe to extra services from the same provider? And can it be used to entice them to subscribe to a more expensive service? Using this information, the client was able to determine how to market its offering to operators in the ...

Quarterly churn reports – percentage of customers who have switched to a different provider

04 Apr 2014

Each quarter Telecompaper analyses the so called 'churn' for an international operator. Churn is the number of customers who switched to a different telecommunications provider during a specific period of time. The data is split across specific variables, such as the previous and the new operator, in which period the switch was made and the age, gender and education of the customers. This results in an easy to read excel sheet, informing the client of the percentage of customers which changed ...

Digital adoption by the elderly – telecommunication usage by the 50+ age group

03 Apr 2014

For an international operator, Telecompaper analysed the telecommunication habits of consumers in the 50+ age group. Based on data found in our Consumer Panel, we were able to determine variables such as smartphone and tablet penetration, the type of contract and the use of fixed services. This data set was subsequently stratified by age, gender and level of education and compared with the telecommunication habits of the overall consumer market (12-80 year olds). We expanded this data by also ...

Customer satisfaction and recommendation intention (NPS)

09 Jan 2014

Every six months, Telecompaper provides a national operator with insight into the satisfaction and recommendation intention (NPS) of its customers compared to those of its main competitors. This data is split across the various products and services offered by the operator and how these compare to those offered by its competitors. This data set is subsequently compared with that of previous periods, to provide insight into consumer satisfactions shifts across time. We not only the deliver the ...

EU Mobile Benchmark 2013 - Comparative analysis of mobile packages in 11 European countries

12 Dec 2013

For the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Telecompaper has made a broad, comparative analysis of over 2600 mobile packages across eleven European countries, inlcuding Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The Ministry has used the report to provide the Dutch parliament insight into how mobile prices in the Netherlands compared to overall prices in other Western European countries. The report not only answers this question, but ...

Virtual Operator Research - Analysis of VO markets in 15 European countries

14 Nov 2013

An international telecommunications company asked Telecompaper to provide insight into the virtual operator (VO) markets in 15 European countries. This resulted in an analysis of over 400 MVNOs, co-operations and brands in countries as diverse as the Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom. For each player we looked into, amongst other things, the network and MVNE used, the target group, the number of users and the average revenue per user. For a selected ...

Insight into demand for internet streaming service and the ideal pricing rate for Dutch consumers

18 Sep 2013

Telecompaper was asked by an international television network to give insight into the demand for an internet streaming service to be launched in the Dutch market, and what the ideal pricing rate of this service would be for Dutch consumers. Specific research questions were: is there a difference in interest between different age groups? Does this service cannibalize the existing offering? And how high is the interest from consumer who have a Smart TV. To answer these, Telecompaper has done an ...

Dutch Mobile Business Market - The use of mobile telecommunications within Dutch companies

31 May 2013

For an international telecomprovider, Telecompaper has done research into the use of mobile telecommunications within companies in the Netherlands. We asked several hundred telecom decision makers/influencers how mobile telephony is being used by the company, what part it plays in their business and which telecom related policies are in place. The resulting report offers findings on a wide range of subjects concerning mobile subscriptions, providers, broadband, handsets and tablets, costs, ...

Amount of mobile phone credit which expires each month

19 Mar 2013

For a Dutch consumer protection organization, Telecompaper has provided insight into the amount of mobile phone credit which expires each month. The organization used this information in a call of action to consumers and to offer a petition to the Dutch parliament, demanding that credit should be preservable for at least one year. To come up with an accurate amount of mobile phone credit expired per month, Telecompaper analyzed over 180.000 mobile phone bills over a period of an entire year ...

Retail activities of largest European mobile operators

15 Feb 2013

At the request of an audio and infotainment equipment company, Telecompaper gathered information about the largest European mobile operators and their retail activities. The data per operator consisted of the total number of customers, the top 3 countries with regards to the number of customers, the board of director's names, the location of the operator's headquarters and if the companies have operator-owned and/or franchise stores per country and participations in other mobile providers. The ...

NPS and consumer satisfaction reports

01 Jan 2013

For several clients we use our consumer panel to produce reports on NPS and consumer satisfaction regarding their telecom services. ...

TV revenues grow 2.5% in 2014
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