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Data Source, published: March 2014

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With Telecompaper Consumer Panel you get unique consumer insights

  • How many mobile devices does an average household use?
  • What kind of subscriptions do consumers prefer?
  • And how is internet use changing?

These are just a few of the questions for which Telecompaper can provide detailed answers.

Telecompaper reports are based on the opinions of over 30,000 Dutch consumers who answer regularly around 125 questions on their telecom behaviour through the Telecompaper Consumer Panel. In addition, the smartphone and tablet usage of another 1,000 consumers is monitored real-time / continuously.

On the basis of this data, we produce a number of regular reports throughout the year, as well as provide ad hoc responses based on customer demand. For more information contact the research department.

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Customised research

In addition to the recurring panel, we can set up customised research based on the customer’s preferred topics, including integrating this with regular questions in the panel. By using the existing panel questions, respondents can be further differentiated according to their current service providers, handset brands or other factors.

Started in 2007, the Consumer Panel runs continuously, offering long-term comparisons as well as the most up-to-date information. In addition to identifying developing trends, you can access the latest information within a few working days. Information is provided in Excel, report or dashboard format.


The costs of recurring reports are listed under the summary of each report. Data can also be ordered for individual questions in the panel. One year of data on a specific question costs EUR 395. This data can be broken down according to age, gender or provider.

For a cost of EUR 795, you can add your own customised question to the panel for one month. The resulting data is provided in Excel format and can also be broken down according to various factors. Are you interested in data over a longer period, multiple panel questions or other research? Then contact the research department and we can develop a customised offer to meet your needs.

Consumer insights / Recurring reports

Throughout the year Telecompaper publishes a number of reports on the latest telecom trends. These offer unique insight into important aspects of consumer behaviour in the Netherlands. For example, would you like to know what kind of smartphones or tablets consumers use, how they use these devices and which apps are installed on their phones? The reports below provide the answers.

Insights on three key subjects.

  • Ownership: Which products, services and subscriptions do consumers want, what do they buy and what do they pay? What are the market shares of fixed and mobile providers, hardware brands and types of subscription?
  • Usage: Why does someone choose a certain product, service or provider, how is it purchased and what do consumers do with their (mobile) devices?
  • User experience:  How do consumers experience the usage of a product or service, why would they recommend or discourage a product or service and what factors weigh the heaviest in the level of satisfaction?


Products and services

  • Provider (current and past, mobile and fixed telephony, TV and (mobile) internet)
  • Type of subscription (pre- and postpaid, SIM-only, packages, single, dual, triple or quad play)
  • Type of connection (current and past, internet and TV, internet speeds)
  • Churn (subscriptions, handset)
  • Extra services (TV, internet)
  • Handset, tablet and TV (brand, subbrand, type, operating system)
  • Hardware (numbers)
  • OTT subscriptions (i.e. Netflix, Spotify)
  • Buying intention (new product introductions, tablets)
  • Costs (mobile and fixed telephony, TV and (mobile) internet)



  • Real-time online usage smartphone/tablet (1,000 consumers)
  • What does consumer do/buy on the internet•    Reasons for choosing provider (mobile and fixed telephony, TV and internet)
  • Reasons for choosing hardware (mobile phone, tablet)
  • Purchase way (mobile telephony, internet, TV)
  • Purchase channel (packages, handset, SIM)
  • Usage of handset (functionalities)
  • Usage of tablet (functionalities, frequency, place, persons)
  • Internet connection (hardware, frequency)
  • Way of watching TV (live, postponed, paid, free, frequency, hardware)
  • Apps (paid and free, type, frequency)
  • IM and social media apps (type, frequency and usage length)


User experience

  • NPS provider (mobile and fixed telephony, TV and internet)
  • NPS hardware (handset and tablet)
  • Quality of IM and social media apps
  • Reasons (not) to recommend provider (mobile and fixed telephony, TV and internet)
  • Satisfaction of aspects (handset and tablet)
  • Satisfaction of operating system


Research Type Overview
Published 25 Mar 2014
Geographic Scope    Netherlands
Editions Broadcast, Fixed, General, Internet, IT, Mobile, Satellite, Wireless
Topics Consumer

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