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MVNO | Networks: Rogers Communications | Services: prepaid | Targets: Unknown | Status: Active

MVNO operated by supermarket chain 7-Eleven. Based on the company's 'SpeakOut Wireless' programme in the US and Canada. MVNE is Ztar Mobile.


MVNO | Networks: Rogers Communications | Services: pre + postpaid | Targets: Unknown | Status: Active

Freedom Wireless, a subsidiary of TMT Capital Corp., has acquired an MVNO "license" to sell cellular voice, data and messaging services in the U.S. and Canada. The main target for its service is the prepaid cellular, affiliate and non-profit markets.


MVNO | Networks: Telus | Services: pre + postpaid | Targets: Community | Status: Active

Telus has launched Koodo Mobile, an MVNO for youth in Canada.

KORE Wireless

MVNO | Networks: Microcell | Services: unknown | Targets: Unknown | Status: unknown



unknown | Networks: unknown | Services: unknown | Targets: Unknown | Status: Active

Primus Telecom

MVNO | Networks: Microcell | Services: unknown | Targets: Unknown | Status: Active

Roam Mobility

MVNO | Networks: unknown | Services: prepaid | Targets: International call traffic | Status: Active

Cheap global roaming with free incoming calls in 65 countries and free incoming SMS worldwide.


MVNO | Networks: unknown | Services: unknown | Targets: Unknown | Status: Active

MVNO / SP for this popular telecommunications retail chain. (on multiple networks)


MVNO | Networks: unknown | Services: unknown | Targets: Unknown | Status: unknown

MVNO/ESP for this Canadian cable company.

Virgin Mobile

MVNO | Networks: Bell Mobility | Services: prepaid | Targets: Youth | Status: Active

Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by eight independent brand licensees worldwide. Virgin Mobile branded wireless communications services are currently available in Australia, Canada, Chile, France, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each Virgin Mobile branded entity acts independently from the others, thus the handsets, service plans and network radio interfaces vary from country to country. In a given country, the Virgin Mobile wireless entity is typically a partnership between Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group and an existing mobile network operator or mobile virtual network operator.

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